Zimbabwe Elections Results – NWO Take the Win After Vote Delay Comes In!

by Thinker

Did the military just “rig” the Zimbabwean election for their preferred candidate, Mngangwa of Zanu PF? Why does this keep happening in African? There are some urgent lessons that Africans wanting to change the continent need to learn in the unfolding Zimbabwe Crisis!

The decision was already made for president in Zimbabwe, and the vote? They all know.

Mnangagwa sworn in as the new President of ZimbabweMnangagwa sworn in as the new President of Zimbabwe in November of 2017. So what were the people voting for?

When it comes to Zimbabwe, it would seem the U.S. is “ALL” over the nations since Reagan, and with every visit, more military build up and weapons for Zimbabwe thanks to America.

Then US Vice President George H.W. Bush in Zimbabwe & Kenya, 1982. Footage courtesy of AP archives

3 minute video footage of then US Vice President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara in Zimbabwe & Kenya in November 1982.

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President Reagan with Prime Minister Mugabe of Zimbabwe on September 13, 1983

President Reagan’s Meetings, Lunch and Departure Remarks with Prime Minister Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe during his Working Visit on September 13, 1983. President Reagan meeting with Prime Minister Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe in the Oval Office. President Reagan and Prime Minister Robert Mugabe having lunch in the State Dining Room

Robert Mugabe Meets George Bush In Washington

(24 Jul 1991) 24.7.91 Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe, walking Washington outside State Dept

The military coup in Zimbabwe, explained and the incoming military leader to a presidential position that is permanent?

Why the Zimbabwe coup is not a revolution.

Proof how the CIA Destroy Zimbabwe, and when you put CIA behind the name in in country there is always a story. How many can be found that you can smile about? Let me know.


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