The murder rate in London has tripled in the last eight months

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Retired d senior Scotland Yard officer and former advisor to the Mayor of London says Sadiq Khan has “coherent strategy” to fight crimes in London.The murder rate in London has tripled in the last eight months as knife attacks and shootings soar to an unprecedented level, yet Khan remains complacent about the soaring violent attacks in the capital.A special investigation into the Mayor’s record in office by the Evening Standard, former Police superintendent Leroy Logan attacked Khan for adopting an “enforcement approach and failing to build trust with communities.”

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VOE reports: In his scornful revelation he said: “The results speak for themselves, he is failing and unfortunately there are young people dying on the street because of that.”The Khan Audit is focusing on four areas, one of which is crime, something Londoners specified as their main priority when he ran for office in 2016.His manifesto to “challenge gang culture and knife crime head-on”, he promised to restore neighborhood policing.

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