The Neo-con/Liberal alliance is basically Reverse Nazbol (National Bolshevic)

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by Chris Black

Republicans absorb voter fervor against unpopular social issues, and “lose” on those popular fronts. Meanwhile they “win” token victories on unpopular Economic and war policies, thus insuring THEIR base gets blamed and not the puppet masters.

“Sorry your kid is getting his balls cut off, but I secured a tax cut for the 1%.”

Democrats absorb voter anger about poverty, working conditions, and wages. They “lose” when attempting to get you money, but they “win” token victories funding NGOs, defunding police, and legalizing child sodomy. 

“Sorry we failed to get you that Healthcare you wanted, but we got opposition speech banned from YouTube. I wonder why those guys hate you? Can’t be because I told them this was YOUR idea.”

They never intended to give you ANYTHING they promised. YOU aren’t their constituents. They can always buy new voters, and if they lose they still make money.

“Your” party could hold 99% of the Senate and they STILL wouldn’t give their voters what they really want. They don’t represent you. You aren’t a donor. They exist to launder blame onto powerless working class schmucks.

Your rulers HATE you.

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