The News Media Was Caught Faking Wind Speeds During Hurricane Florence in Order to Manipulate Public Opinion. Why is it So Far Fetched and Frowned Upon to Ask If They’re Doing the Same Exact Thing Today With These Supposed Pipe Bombs?

by WeAreTheResistance

The viral video of Mike Seidel hoaxing millions of Americans live on television during Hurricane Florence, proved beyond question that the news media absolutely does use lies and deception to carry out pysops and outright hoaxes on the American public, in order to further an agenda or narrative.

What was almost as shocking to me, was to see countless fellow journalists and meteorologists trying to defend this blatant deception in attempt to cover for this guy.

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I can’t tell you how many journos I saw on Twitter saying, oh the grass was clearly wet, and much harder to get footing on, in a seemingly coordinated effort.

Why is it that even after seeing this with their own eyes, or the image of Anderson Cooper kneeling in a pile of water to create the illusion of water being up to his chest, that people Absolutely, positively not only refuse to apply critical thinking during major news events like today’s “pipe bombs”, (coordinated and executed by the one of the most notoriously deceptive media outlets on air) but many people also get incredibly defensive and angry when anyone else asks important questions about glaring inconsistencies in the official story?

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If they’re willing to pull a hoax to deceive people during a hurricane, do you really think they wouldn’t be willing to do the same to the American public in order to manipulate public opinion days before something as important as the mid term elections?


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