The next bear will be the most severe?

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And the Concerns Continue: Yra Harris

The global financial system seems to be gearing up for massive actions by the global central banks in an effort to calm the potential headwinds that a deflationary fallout would force upon the world.

Long Term Repo Funds: Dress Rehearsal Before a Bigger Play?

Central banks in the developed world resorted to many actions, one after the other, to prevent another Great Depression.

Two Big Reasons to Worry About Stocks

…that good news masked a development that suggests Corporate America is beginning what could be a painful adjustment, and one that could put a damper on future stock returns.

Hong Kong Heads for First Back to Back Recessions on Record

Hong Kong is heading for its first back-to-back annual recessions on record, as the coronavirus shutdown cripples an economy already battered by months of political unrest. The jobless rate rose to 3.4% in January for a fourth straight month of increases.

Largest Shipping Decline Since 2009 and That’s Before Coronavirus

The January Cass Freight Shipping Index is more bad news for the global economy.

Options Traders Are So Bullish It’s Sending Warning Signals [Bloomberg]



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