The Next Economic Collapse Could Start In Fall 2018

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  • Fed monetary policies have inflated the biggest bubble ever.
  • The Fed risks popping this bubble with further rate hikes.
  • Fall 2018 could see the beginnings of an economic collapse if the bubble pops.
  • Major U.S default and debt monetization coming.

SBTV speaks with Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies about the possibility of an economic collapse happening as early as Fall 2018. In this interview, Michael shares the rationale for his forecast and why gold and silver are the assets to accumulate now. He sees Fed rate hikes coming to an end for if they persist, the Fed risks inverting the yield curve and popping the bubbles in the economy.

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Discussed in this interview:

  • 02:33 Inflating the biggest bubble ever created
  • 06:59 Fall 2018 will be hard on global equities.
  • 11:08 How a coming crisis will compare with the 2008 financial crisis.
  • 14:09 The time to buy gold is near
  • 14:40 Major default and debt monetization coming.
  • 17:37 From fiat to gold-backed currencies.
  • 22:26 Mechanics of trade and tariffs.
  • 25:49 Silver’s performance for the rest of 2018.
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