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The only people who don’t want to disclose the “TRUTH” are people with something to hide!

John Brennan lost is right to represent the people, because it wasn’t the people’s back he was looking out for. History, and when records are released are going to prove Donald Trump right on a number of accusations he has made against the deep state. Only “TRUTH” is going to heal a nation that is now feeling the pain of deception by those in positions of power and trust.


Flashback 2014 – CIA Director John Brennan Lies His Ass Off & Obama Let Him Keep His Job!!!

Not only did Brennan obstruct justice and spy on the Senate Committee, which was tasked to oversee the agency’s use of torture, but he also claimed that there has been no civilian casualties caused by United States drones. Brennan’s statements have been proven false through the media and through the Inspector General. President Obama MUST Fire Him.

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John Brennan’s lies do more than just tarnish his name, his lies tarnish an entire agency which is steeped in secrecy. If the American people are to believe that these are the only fabrications he has made, we’re sadly mistaken. Brennan’s lies send the message that the CIA is an untouchable agency and not accountable to anyone. We remain concerned that Brennan will do whatever it takes to protect his best interest. We must reign in Brennan’s rouge leadership. It’s time for CIA Director John Brennan to go.

August 2018 – Gingrich: John Brennan was engaged in lying to Americans

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On ‘Fox & Friends,’ the former House speaker says the establishment played political games with Benghazi and are now ‘terrified’ there’s no President Hillary Clinton to protect them.

July 2018 – Brennan whistleblower murdered

Attacked by the frequency that is more than likely hitting any Trump supporter and “TRUTH” and I know that those who are spending millions to do it hate life, people, and the planet. Did Donald Trump Jr. get hit with the skull to mind technology that made him leave his wife??? Is the Trump family under attack like many in the alternative medial world??? How long will the masses have to wait for the “TRUTH?” Does Brennan know what the technology is used for??? Can it make the president, congress, senate, change their minds???


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