The Next Financial Crisis Could Begin in Italy! UNBELIEVABLE Debt Fiasco in EU and US!

Look in the US. Look in the EU. Debt everywhere. Somehow we don’t have to worry about this though? Sounds weird. It’s constantly causing a crisis, so it will invariably cause another. This time however, it’s bigger than ever!

Do you worry about what’s happening in Italy right now?

The Euro Viral Contagion is on. In fact, it never left. We are tiptoeing around the massive debt load that Italy has, trying not to wake the beast as it rumbles through the EU, and by extension, the rest of the world. Italy is a huge economy for the EU but it’s weakness, it’s slowdown, has been has been overwhelming since 2001-2012. How will this end?


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Why Mini-BOTs Loom Big for Investors in Italy Assets: QuickTake – Bloomberg Quint

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Taxes paying for half of royal wedding of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Canada’s cost to support the royal family in 2015 – Business Insider

Five million Brits go without eating for a day – because they can’t afford food, study shows

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