The next total economic collapse is right here.

by NostraGREEDamus

M(eta): The video captures the sentiment of 2008 perfectly. This will happen all over again.

General Electric is bankrupt: They have been cooking the books for 30 years. GE has negative cashflow aka insolvency and generally being out of fucking money. GE used to be the biggest corporation in USA also is still the most widely held corporation on the world. Guess what happens to your pensions when it collapses…just like 08 has destroyed the middle-class and 401k…

Boeing: is being hammered with the recent two controlled plane crashes.

MCDonalds has 3 billion $ NEGATIVE equity aka bankrupt (at least on paper, cashflow is still going so far)

ATnT: has 1 trillion $ debt.

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-These corporations are the face of American Capitalism, which has died, there are many more to list, you can also look for yourself.

Renewable green eco-fascist energies will totally destroy the petrodollar, the only economic pillar the USA has left.

China is watching the USA bleed out. BRICS are moving in with a collective gold-backed currency alternative.

Bad times are ahead, im not making predictions on which day it will happen, like those $hilly $ellout Youtubers. I’m stating right here that the US and Europe will be completely economically devastated in the coming years. Smart money will bring up the liquidity to buy the broken shards of the stock market for pennies on the dollar, the poor however and all the middle-class debt-serfs-pseudo-homeowners will see their pensions wiped out (401k, Roth etc.) because the Funds are corrupt and morons (incompetent). In 1929 the managers sold their costumers stocks for next to nothing, the costumers had ZERO control over it because thats how a Fund is set up. 1 million Americans (Population est. 1929 is 88 million) lost EVERYTHING.

Today all pensions are invested in the stock market. It will be blown to hell. De-employment will be massive. Poverty the new form of wealth.

The rich will own even more….EVERYTHING





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