The Number of new illegals in 2021 greater than populations of 11 states

The number of those apprehended crossing the southern border illegally during fiscal year 2021 that ends today exceeds the population of 11 American states.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, so far there have been over 1.5 million encounters of people crossing the southwest border through August.

That number will go up by 200,000 or more when September’s encounters are included, if recent trends continue.

Yesterday I was shocked to read on a government literacy site that the US already has a larger immigrant population than any other country in the world! Here’s a list of countries with the largest immigrant populations:

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Rank Country Foreign-Born Population

1 United States 46,627,102
2 Germany 12,005,690
3 Russia 11,643,276
4 Saudi Arabia 10,185,945
5 United Kingdom 8,543,120
6 United Arab Emirates 8,095,126
7 Canada 7,835,502
8 Australia 7,787,057
9 France 7,784,418
10 Spain 5,947,106,%20%2010,185,945%20%206%20more%20rows


h/t Adam Henry


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