The ONLY Buyer of Stocks Since 2009 Keeping the Stock Market From Collapse!

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FACT: Companies doing stock buybacks have been the ONLY net buyer since 2009. That’s absolutely MASSIVE news. There will be 20 comments here telling me to shut up and how its great that they’re doing this, no repercussions, etc. I’m simply here documenting what’s happening. You do what you want with the information. To me, this is unbelievable. To think that we’re being told the economy is good but you look at the indicators and it’s not at all. Then you look at the supposedly fantastic stock market and its been supported by the corporations, it’s insane!
Of course, underlying this is what the central banks are doing behind the scenes. But this video is purely related to the first chart I show.

There is only one buyer in this market. Even the 7 share of Amazon retail investor has not been buying stocks since the Financial Crisis. If you’re not privy to the data, you might think this is impossible. I’ve bought 7 shares of Amazon and the price keeps going up, so things must be going well. But when you start to look into the information, there’s no denying what has been going on over the last decade. Things the financial system has never seen before keep piling up, leading to a time in which the economics textbooks will need to be rewritten. 


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Despite surreal political backdrop, fixed income fund flows in late August reflect a rise in risk appetite

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Negative yields tighten grip on fixed income universe in mid-3Q19 with mixed results for mutual fund flows

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Loan funds on course for worst outflows on record | Financial Times

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Stock buybacks enrich executive pay even when business sags

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