The Only Red Line That Matters: Why does the US still back Israel? Israel is sanctioning the killing of unarmed civilians at the Gaza border, but the American people still turn a blind eye. It’s time for the US to wake up.

by axolotl_peyotl

The military industrial complex, with its lapdogs in the MSM, have conditioned the public to embrace only manufactured outrage geared towards whatever is politically expedient, and not morally justified, in the world of geopolitics.

For example, Israel can literally murder dozens of Americans and attempt to create a false flag event (see the attack on the USS Liberty), and yet they still are one of our “strongest allies.”

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The absurdity of this scenario is straight out of an Orwellian dystopia.

This article doesn’t mince words:

So, if you read this and you are an American, it is your duty to pick a side. You cannot wear a white hat and a black one at the same time. Americans can only be either the good guys or we are the bad guys. And good guys do not shoot unarmed women and children and call it “holy work” …. So what will it be, the Netanyahu regime, or sanctions on Israel until peace can be had?

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