The Only Thing Clear Over the Last Two Years is that Covid-19 Never Existed?

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by Chris Black

The vaccines were ready before there was a supposed virus and the test methods were already patented before there was anything to test for.

Sorry if you still believe, but it was never there.

The people who died were killed by the Fauci protocol. Remdesivir and ventilators kill.

Your fever and cough was just the same old cold, but they told you it was Covid.

Everything became a Covid related illness because it paid handsomely and reinforced the fear.

The vaccine is now said to only work for two to four weeks, because the data says vaccinated people keep getting infected with Covid, but it keeps you from getting severe illness.

That’s bullshit.

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You weren’t going to get a severe illness in the first place.

Now the flu is taking people out left and right because millions of people have had their immune systems nuked.

The media also gets to keep claiming Covid because all pneumonia, influenza, and Covid numbers are reported as one. Beneath the headline you might find the real number, but on the surface they can just claim whatever they want.

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