The paid accounts on twitter are currently being exposed, and the progressives are turning on them. Welcome to the fight friends, care to learn some more about how the establishment invests millions into influencing the narrative on social media?

by KorrectDaRekard


Right now on twitter “Brooklyn Dad” is trending, this is because people have finally woken up to the fact that he gets paid $60,000 dollars to tweet pro establishment Neo-lib propaganda. The man who calls himself “defiant” and a member of “the resistance” is also shaming people who are questioning why the DNC didn’t fight for an increased minimum wage as promised, or improved health care, or student loan relief. These same topics were the things he was tweeting about during the election in defense of democrats in Biden. Today he is still defending Democrats and Biden, and the progressives are pissed.

Enter Meidas Touch founder Bret Meiselas to the rescue, to defend the honor of this propagandist fraud. He claims that you cant be progressive if you don’t support someone who gets paid $60,000 to tweet propaganda. He claims it means you just hate people with jobs. Yes, people who lost everything along with their job in a forced government shutdown because of a pandemic are being belittled for not having jobs. Another true progressive to the rescue. Bret comes from a wealthy family, his father a Hollywood talent agent, his brother Ben a lawyer who works for the controversial Mark Geragos who represents Colin Kaepernick. Ben uses his celebrity friends to retweet Meidas propaganda so it could reach a wider audience. Meidas also receives money from the DNC (they fail to disclose what a huge chunk is being used for) and you can see a network of Meidas affiliated accounts all propping up his current shit take tweets defending propagandists. The Meiselas’ are the actual embodiment of what they’ve long argued is “White Privilege”

This is important. Most people don’t know about the DNC’s network of fake accounts. They don’t know about Correct the Record or Share Blue (this study truly exposed them). They know all about “Russian bots” and how “sexy Bernie Sanders coloring books” influenced the election, but don’t know that the DNC got caught faking Russian bots to accuse Roy Moore of colluding with russia in his election. They don’t know about Michael Bloomberg’s 325 million dollar Hawkfish, and how it merged with American Bridge (formelly CTR/Share Blue) They don’t know about the DARPA backed “defeat disinfo”. But they ARE realizing and learning about it, and are now rejecting the official narrative. The more aware they become of the fact that most twitter trends are astro-turfed by establishment propagandists, the larger the actual resistance becomes.

Welcome to the actual resistance friends. The anti corporate one, not the corporate sponsored one.




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