The Pandora’s Box has been opened, and the modern internet now faces its toughest test to date.

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Earlier today, reddit moved to censor 100s of communities related to “transactions for certain goods and services” from the platform, as the SESTA/FOSTA bill passed today means that reddit can be held liable for content posted by its users.

As the EFF notes, the groups behind this draconian censorship see this only as a first step;

Some of these groups behind #SESTA / #FOSTA seem to see the bill as a mere stepping stone to banning pornography from the Internet.-

As a result of the bills which passed today, and the subsequent response by sites such as reddit, today could do down as the beginning of the end for the free and open internet.

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Absent judicial intervention to overturn the laws in question, we may be on the verge of a brave new internet; an internet vastly different than the open and free platform which has defined online life for nearly 20 years.


Seems like youtube is doing the same thing.

YouTube bans videos that sell guns and accessories


The Bill:“roll-call-vote”%3A”all”%7D


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