The Persistent Lie About “Refugees” Is Damaging the West – The Real Figures Show a Terrible Reality

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by Mark Angelides

The Western Media has been complicit in covering up the real facts about the “refugee crisis”, it is in the pages of non-English language newspapers and websites where we find the real, and in some ways terrifying truth behind this mass-migration of people.
The Swedish news site, Svenska Dagbladet reports that the people claiming refugee status in Sweden are not what they profess to be. A random check of 77 Moroccan people’s fingerprints revealed that at least 65 of them gave false information in their declarations. If this random checking by border security were applied to every person claiming either refugee status or asylum, would the numbers be likely the same?
These 65 had actually provided completely false identities. It was only discovered when their fingerprints were checked and it turns out that they were not the people they claimed to be (and of course, their fingerprints were on record for “some reason” in Morocco). Of the remaining 12, it is unclear whether they were actually Moroccans, and as such it is difficult to tell if they are the people they claim to be.
But perhaps the most distressing element is that of the 77, 50 claimed to be minors (who under EU law are granted automatic right to remain). From these 50 “minors”, 48 were found to be lying and were, in fact, adults.
According to the Swedish new site, Fria Tider:
“The so-called street children from North Africa are often adults; Arab men traveling around different countries in Western Europe under different identities and engage in committing crimes, including sexual crimes as rape.”
Reports suggest that many of the people who arrive as asylum seekers register in different countries under different names to better ensure their chance of being granted asylum or refugee status, and also to “double up” on available cash benefits.
Clearly there are real refugees fleeing war, but when we accept everyone who comes without restriction, this ruins the system for those that are genuinely in need.  As reported by the UNHRC, 181,436 people crossed the Mediterranean in 2016 to claim refugee status, and even with the ultra-liberal vetting process, only 4,808 were deemed to be genuine refugees, that’s 2.65%.  How many people in genuine need are left stranded or unable to access care and support because of fraudulent claims? When we remember that the vast majority of the people claiming refugee status are young males, we can assume that those who are being left behind are likely vulnerable women and children.
And of course, our leaders are well aware of this…They just don’t care. It is irrelevant to them who actually comes, as long as the numbers are kept high. It allows them to continue their agenda and answer criticism with the “humanitarian answer”.  

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6 thoughts on “The Persistent Lie About “Refugees” Is Damaging the West – The Real Figures Show a Terrible Reality

  1. It’s all fake news created by fake media ignored by our fake politicians. Catholic Charities are making a boat load of money off of refugee resettlement – all a scam and a money maker off of our backs.

  2. I hope our evaluations are not too late. This needs to stop and it is time to clear the deck and send them home. We will lose our countries, our nationhood and our culture if we don’t act. I think that is the globalist agenda, so they, too, need to gotten rid of. That includes Merkle and May and the new PM of France. Idiots or Muslims they must be…I am not sure.

  3. so sad for the Swedes. They have lost their cahones to the ‘Deadly Few’ running the show. Will they ever get them back? hahhahha. They have become whores for Islam and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.

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