The Plan to Completely Destroy Nevada’s Economy

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Nevada, like no other state, is totally dependent on tourism. If tourism dies, the state will die. The Democrat governor, Steve (‘Sissy’) Sisolak, is doing his best to kill Nevada. Sisolak seems to be driven more by a lack of clear thinking rather than malicious intent.

Sisolak’s plan is to place most state residents under what amounts to house arrest. In order to discourage anyone from leaving their house he is attempting to make leaving home as unpleasant as possible. Parks are closed, or if that is impossible, at least the bathrooms are closed. He is even attempting to close the vast desert that surrounds Las Vegas, blocking off roads and trails. All businesses are required to close except for “essential” businesses like grocery stores. The schools are closed, making it difficult for parents to work because they have to care for their children.

The entire tourist industry has been shut down. The Las Vegas strip, usually crowded with tourists staying in some of the 150,000 hotel rooms, is completely deserted.

Tourism is the base of Nevada’s economy. Hundreds of thousands of tourist industry workers have been laid off. The state unemployment benefits office is apparently helpless in the face of the flood of applicants.

The governor sees this as a medical problem. It does not seem to bother him that destroying the Nevada economy will devastate the citizens of Nevada. Not only will they lose their jobs, they will also lose their savings and assets.

What exactly is the purpose of the house arrest? The disease is going to spread through the population until enough people are recovered and immune, so that herd immunity develops, and the virus fades away. That is the typical pattern for the spread of a new disease. Placing everyone under house arrest will slow the spread of disease but prolong the time it takes for herd immunity to develop. The justification for house arrest is that it is necessary to flatten the curve and avoid spikes that will overwhelm the medical resources.

Why is it necessary to take draconian measures? The governor seems to be relying on computer models that have been consistently wrong. Why anyone takes these epidemiological models seriously is a big mystery..

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