The Poop Apocalypse Is Real: Shipping Companies Now Banning Truck Drivers From Using Their Restrooms!

by AC

I’m a truck driver and my company just sent this to me.

In short:

“drivers we just have been informed by our largest customer that they are limiting non-employees use of their breakrooms and restrooms.
This is intended to be a temporary measure to limit exposure to Covid-19”

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I took a picture of message from company sent to my truck here is link:

If that dont work here’s another one

This is getting batshit twilight zone crazy already!

Us truck drivers are already treated like shit and now you people won’t let us take a shit while making us wait to pick up a load of toilet paper most likely as all you tards are hoarding it.

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You fools wouldn’t even have toilet paper if it weren’t for us bring it to you.

This f*cked up planet deserves what’s coming!