Who are the super spreaders going to be? Three categories of people.

1. “The Super Spreaders”
“Those who don’t fear”
When people do not fear they get a sense of “I won’t be infected” and “this is a nothing burger (sorry for stealing the GLP phrase)”. This will include those with “cognitive dissonance” who refuse to believe this is true. These will be Covid-19 super spreaders in the weeks ahead infecting many others, they are going to be the most dangerous people in your community at the moment.

2. “The General spreaders”
“Those who Panic”
When people panic, things will go badly and you lose a sense of reality, these people will infect others, but not as many as those who think this is nothing.

3. “The Low-Spreaders”
“Those who are afraid”
These are the people who aware of their surroundings, and those who have a sense of reality and logic.

These are people who will take precautions.

Yes I am afraid like many other sensible people, not to be afraid is not wise, but rest assured these people are not those who are panicking.

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Preppers are afraid and this is why they prep, they identify a problem which has the potential to cause harm and they come up with a solution to protect themselves.

When people are afraid it keeps them alert and aware, be afraid but don’t let the fear turn to panic, keep your head and hopefully you will get through this.

Keep safe people.





Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t represent the views of IWB.