The Pope is Sick, The 2020 Olympics are rumored to be cancelled, and there are more cases of Corona that are more than likely going to be released this weekend

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by rawrtherapy

There are too many things going on right now and too many things that “Could” happen to not hold your puts, we are more than likely going in the red today and opening red again on Monday

The SPY is headed down to $275 levels and more than likely less than that because of the Corona virus affecting the Top 500 companies in the US

we WILL see a big affect on Q1 and Q2 earnings announcements from ALL Top 500 companies when they are released

Hold on to your Puts over the weekend because we are more than likely going to close Red today and Open Red again on Monday

Update 1: Fox News just interviewed a Pennsylvania man who went through the coronavirus quarantine process — but he couldn’t stop coughing during the interview:

Update 2: Rumors of 2 confirmed cases of the Beer in Mexico


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