The PPT Team Did a Piss Poor Job Today

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by Chris Black

Sad that in a once-great country the entire population is held captive by a private banking cartel, and the people hang on their every word, most of which are lies.

Wall Street makes nothing, they add no value just move money in circles.

So long as the Fed created TRILLIONS out of thin air the lemmings were appeased and handed their money to GS, JPM, MS, etc.

Fed-enabled stock buybacks propelled the markets ever higher while those same companies invested next to nothing in jobs and capital projects in the U.S.

Manufacturing went to China and left a gutted debt-ridden country with the only way to prevent collapse being even more debt.

Now the inevitable inflation has arrived and the bankers make stupid fool-the-idiots comments like 2% is “neutral”, when it is more like 7-8% or higher. The party is finally over and the housing bust will dwarf everything before it as stocks plunge.

Prepare accordingly or just BTFD!

Algos rule the stock market. Trying to make sense of any move is a fool’s game.

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Inflation is way out of control. Even the 1970s wasn’t this bad. The current inflation rate if it were based on the same metrics as the 1970s would be close to 30%.

Homes that were selling for $150k in garbage towns last year are up over $225k right now. $10 retail items in 2020 are now $22.

If the Fed keeps playing this game to prevent the largest bubble in history from popping, it just creates more pain.



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