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Go to the link to see the county-by-county map — “Where people started leaving home again/Percentage point change in the share of people staying home.” How does the NYT know this? It uses data from Cuebiq, which takes “a representative sample of about 15 million smartphone users nationwide who have agreed to share their location data with certain apps.” It’s not snooping on you. You agreed! With certain apps.

Quite aside from that invasion of our privacy — by our lax acceptance of the demands of apps — there’s the insinuation that we’re violating our state governments’ orders if we do not stay home. But where are we required to stay home? Not here in Wisconsin. We’re free to leave the house. It really irritates me to hear mainstream news and commentary speaking of a requirement to stay home. The requirement is social distancing! Maybe in New York City, you need to stay home to avoid violating the strictures of social distancing, but that’s not true in most of the country. If people are leaving home to take walks or go food shopping, they’re not disregarding orders.

Whether people are thinking for themselves and following their own ideas about how much social distancing they want or need instead of following orders — that’s another matter entirely. And I don’t think the certain apps are measuring that.

And it’s gotten worse — and dumber — in recent years.



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