The Press Loves Him, But That’s Because The Press Is Made Up Of Unrepresentative Idiots:

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Trudeau tanking, majority say PM is poor leader.

A vast majority of Canadians agree with the statement, “Right now, Canada is broken,” according to a new National Post newspaper survey.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fared poorly as well, as two-thirds of Canadians don’t believe he has delivered on his signature pledge to help Canada’s indigenous population.

Fifty-seven percent of Canadians agreed with the statement, “Governments lie to Indigenous people about making things better for them,” according to the survey, conducted for the paper by DART & Maru/Poll.

A majority also agree that the prime minister is not governing well, and that his Liberal Party deserves most of the blame for the recent rail blockades.

The nationwide blockade protests erupted over opposition to the Coastal GasLink pipeline in British Columbia.

Twenty-seven percent of Canadians responded in the survey that Trudeau has handled the blockades well.

When the protests began, the prime minister was out of the country on an eight-day tour of Africa, trying to win support for a seat on the United Nations Security Council. His absence left the impression that no one in Ottawa was in charge of or handling the situation at home.

Too bad the people didn’t boot his ass last fall, when they had an election

Reminds me of France. Vote for status quo. Proceed to complain about status quo.

Canada is arguably 4 distinct nations right now. The Maritime provinces and east, which are culturally a lot like New England (go to Halifax, NS, and be greeted by Bruins jerseys and people who resemble Maine residents more than Canadians). Quebec. Ontario. The west.

The place is absolutely held together by duct tape and a love of hockey. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it fragment in my life time.

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