The priorities of Chiraq Mayor Lori Lightfoot

by DCG

Chicago Mayor has her priorities double standards when it comes to Wuhan virus “restrictions.”

Back in April the good mayor violated her own social distancing mandates to get her hair cut. You see, she’s in the public eye so that made her violation A-OK.

Back in June the good mayor did nothing about a massive rally. In fact, she “encouraged the continuance of peaceful protests.”

Yet on New Year’s Eve the good mayor was very concerned about gatherings and shutdown a couple of parties and issued citations because they violated Wuhan virus rules.

According to MyFoxChicagothe city shut down two parties on Near Year’s Eve and issued seven notices to businesses for violating Wuhan virus restrictions. Citizens were doing their part to help enforce the good mayor’s rules: “City officials said they responded to 21 calls for violations of COVID-19 regulations.”

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Meanwhile, the criminals keep doing what they do best in Chiraq: Ten people were shot and two killed to start out the three-day holiday weekend.

And Chiraq ended 2020 with 769 homicides — 274 more than the previous year and the most since 2016.

If you look at the Wuhan virus stats in Chiraq (don’t just read the MyFoxChicgo headlines), you’ll see that their main data dashboard highlights “positivity” rate (which has been on a decline since mid-Novembeer). And their hospital capacity numbers are not periously dangerous: ICU beds occupied are at 76.6% (pretty normal for this time of year) with Wuhan virus patients accounting for 22.1% of the ICU beds.

But the good mayor has to shutdown parties because it’s all about control. That’s her priority.



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