The Public is Growing Tired of COVID – Window is Closing

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by Martin Armstrong

There are members of the press that are starting to question this narrative in different parts of the world from Germany to Australia. I was in a store and the girl did not have a mask on. I said great. Glad to do business with you. She replied she has had enough of masks and COVID. A number of people I have encountered just shopping are starting to say the same thing restoring my hope in humanity. As DWN in Germany is reporting, this entire COVID scam is being used to gain power. Indeed, which they keep people debating if the vaccines even work or will kill everyone in 2 to 3 years or make women sterile, and they put up clocks to tick down that the world will end in just a few years unless we hand all power to the United Nations, who is also just so happening to be getting ready with the IMF cryptocurrency to replace the dollar as the new world currency, the real agenda simple goes over everyone’s head.

Note that while AOC was comped a $35,000 ticket which is a gift and therefore taxable to her while she is wearing her Tax the Rich dress if you look closely at all the photos, there is something missing – M A S K S!!!

So it looks like they are creating two classes among the Great Unwashed, vaccinated v unvaccinated, there is a third class – THEM v US where their rules do not apply to them.

Now listen to this outrageous explanation of why children should be vaccinated by the Prime Minister of Scotland. She admits that there is no health risk. However, there may be a risk that the schools could be disrupted and therefore all children should be vaccinated. These people are putting children at risk because they have been directed to do so and then Pfizer refuses to accept ANY responsibility for this product that normally takes 12 years to get approves and they paid off everyone to get it rushed through in less than 1 year. If this were the old days, they would be dragging these politicians out with their heads mounted on spikes for being so reckless with our children.

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They are following the Schwab agenda and point #8 is very clear – end elections so we can NEVER remove these people from office – E V E R!




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