THE PURGE: How does forcing Trump supporters into seedier corners of the web help unite the country?

THE PURGE: Dems want to bring down anyone who ever backed Trump.

In December of 2019, President Trump tweeted a picture of himself bracketed by an unpunctuated caption.

“In reality they’re not after me” it read. “They’re after you I’m just in the way.”

I wrote then that the tweet “artfully sums up the Trump era from the perspective of the president and his supporters.” Resembling the famous Uncle Sam “I want you” poster, the image and the 14 words captured “the belief of Trump Nation that the political establishment, the media, the permanent bureaucracy and yes, the deep state are trying to crush him and them.”

The tweet came on the same day that House Democrats voted to impeach Trump over the Ukraine piffle. With the Dems now barrelling toward a second impeachment over the Capitol invasion even as Trump’s term nears the end, history is indeed repeating itself — and for the same reason.

The first time around, Dems used impeachment as a campaign strategy to defeat Trump in 2020. They are now using impeachment to try to keep him out of the 2024 race, which would happen under a Senate conviction because he would be barred from ever again holding public office.

THE BANNINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORALE IMPROVES: Google suspends President Trump’s YouTube channel, disables comments.

Was this on the advice of Borat? Celebrities Back Sacha Baron Cohen’s Call For YouTube To Ban Trump.

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