The Purge is Real! Happening now.

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via GLP

If you don’t think it’s real and happening now, then just look around the internet.

The Purge is digital.

People’s Youtube, Facebook,and Twitter accounts, all purged.

Now they’re working on purging your bank accounts, credit cards etc..

Don’t believe me, just research it. People are losing their bank accounts, and now credit card companies received court approval to cancel those accounts too.

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Something big is happening and it’s happening fast. Just over the past 4 to 6 months these purges have been happening more and more. All digital for now, but they’re killing off your connections to others, then what?

Why are they disassembling the masses?

Why are they isolating your voices?

What are they really planning?

Wake The flock up people!!

The Digital Purge has begun. They started the war to kill off free speech. You are the target if you speak your mind.




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