The Purge of Christians across the Middle East: Where are the Protestors?

by Mark Angelides

In what must surely be one of the most disturbing massacres of people in recent years, the usual suspect protestors have kept their silence. The Christian population of Middle Eastern countries has fallen sharply over the last ten years (CNN suggests that in the city of Mosul, the Christian population has dropped from around 35,000 to 20), and while some of this can be explained by families fleeing violence and danger, the amount of Christians slaughtered for not being Muslim is alarming. In Iraq the Christian population has fallen from 1.4 million to under 300,000 in a decade. The picture is the same all over the Islamic world. And it is just going to get worse.
With already existing and new laws being put into place that effectively criminalize Christians, their plight is going from a bad situation, to one where there will ultimately be no Christians left in that part of the world. The governments of the U.S, U.K and E.U have already officially registered what is happening through Iraq and Syria as Genocide.
Divisive laws already exist in the Egyptian legal system. For example, it is illegal for a Christian man to marry a Muslim woman. A recent case involved a young Christian man who allegedly had an affair with a Muslim woman. An angry mob stripped and beat his elderly mother in retribution. The case against the mother was thrown out of court, but not the initial case.
ISIS have release a propaganda video in Egypt telling local Christians that “nobody is safe”. After President Hosni Mubarak was ousted and the new Islamist Party won the elections, there has been an exodus of Egyptian Christians as they feel the government is no longer able (or willing) to protect them and their rights. Since ascending to power, supporter of the new government have carried out more than 300 attacks on local Christians. They are being destroyed, yet voices in the area (and of course from our side of the world) remain silent.
The official story being pumped out of Egypt and lapped up by a friendly media is that (according to a leading Muslim Cleric appointed to oversee Muslim/Christian relations) is that the whole affair is nothing but an unfriendly media smokescreen. “Everything is good” between Christians and Muslims. “No one has even been wounded. There’s no conflict. The problem is really with the journalists writing about it,” the cleric stated.

In fairness to the MSM, there are stories about the plight of Christians, but they lack the condemnation that really moves people to act. Instead of demanding why out governments are letting these people be murdered, they are demanding that the people who support the murdering are granted asylum. After more than 2000 years of Christians in the Middle East, it may soon be the end. Where are the protestors? Where are the marches? Where are the internet campaigns and the Twitter outrage? Clearly it hasn’t happened. Hypocrites.