The Purge of Christians across the Middle East: Where are the Protestors?

by Mark Angelides

In what must surely be one of the most disturbing massacres of people in recent years, the usual suspect protestors have kept their silence. The Christian population of Middle Eastern countries has fallen sharply over the last ten years (CNN suggests that in the city of Mosul, the Christian population has dropped from around 35,000 to 20), and while some of this can be explained by families fleeing violence and danger, the amount of Christians slaughtered for not being Muslim is alarming. In Iraq the Christian population has fallen from 1.4 million to under 300,000 in a decade. The picture is the same all over the Islamic world. And it is just going to get worse.
With already existing and new laws being put into place that effectively criminalize Christians, their plight is going from a bad situation, to one where there will ultimately be no Christians left in that part of the world. The governments of the U.S, U.K and E.U have already officially registered what is happening through Iraq and Syria as Genocide.
Divisive laws already exist in the Egyptian legal system. For example, it is illegal for a Christian man to marry a Muslim woman. A recent case involved a young Christian man who allegedly had an affair with a Muslim woman. An angry mob stripped and beat his elderly mother in retribution. The case against the mother was thrown out of court, but not the initial case.
ISIS have release a propaganda video in Egypt telling local Christians that “nobody is safe”. After President Hosni Mubarak was ousted and the new Islamist Party won the elections, there has been an exodus of Egyptian Christians as they feel the government is no longer able (or willing) to protect them and their rights. Since ascending to power, supporter of the new government have carried out more than 300 attacks on local Christians. They are being destroyed, yet voices in the area (and of course from our side of the world) remain silent.
The official story being pumped out of Egypt and lapped up by a friendly media is that (according to a leading Muslim Cleric appointed to oversee Muslim/Christian relations) is that the whole affair is nothing but an unfriendly media smokescreen. “Everything is good” between Christians and Muslims. “No one has even been wounded. There’s no conflict. The problem is really with the journalists writing about it,” the cleric stated.

In fairness to the MSM, there are stories about the plight of Christians, but they lack the condemnation that really moves people to act. Instead of demanding why out governments are letting these people be murdered, they are demanding that the people who support the murdering are granted asylum. After more than 2000 years of Christians in the Middle East, it may soon be the end. Where are the protestors? Where are the marches? Where are the internet campaigns and the Twitter outrage? Clearly it hasn’t happened. Hypocrites.

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12 thoughts on “The Purge of Christians across the Middle East: Where are the Protestors?”

  1. You’ve hit the nail square on the head. It would take a public capable of independent thought. Fat chance of that. Look at how many people still watch Corporate Whore TVNews.

    • No. All it needs is the deep state being absolutely controlled by velvet mafia in league with the jihadists. That is what has happened in the west. You can add up all the LGBTQXYZ+ and it’ll almost fill one stadium. They need the jihadists for numbers…they don’t realize they will get the tall building flight after Islam won, but they think they are so smart they will triple quadruple cross them to stay alive. Fk’ing Intelligentsia are dumb as a bag of rocks.
      NOW, if independent media actually existed, including here, as initiators of news and promulgators of important information, they wouldn’t wait for the corporate velvet mafia fake stream media to cover it, they would tell us directly, not being slaves of the fake stream media, as they say they are not.
      Independent media is such a thing existed, would INITIATE not react. All I see are reactors… actors. I call bullshit on the whole alt-right/independent media because I almost never see them initiate telling something important directly to their readers or listeners.
      Everyone might as well stop working and go fishing, what’s gonna happen that the oligarchs want, is gonna happen, cause I see nothing from an information war to real military might stopping the oligarchs killing the majority of us in a world war now.
      Remember, Trump AGAIN today, 10:30am or so EST, said we need big money to rebuild our military…so a trillion dollars a year wasn’t enough already? Where tf did that money go, and why won’t more money just be stolen from the American people again!?

  2. December 24, 2016 There Are No Terrorists? Counterterrorism = Supporting Terrorism?
    Western Governments Are Supporting Terrorist Organizations Which They are Allegedly Combating. The media propaganda campaign has gone into high gear. The words “Al Qaeda”, “Al Nusra” or “terrorists” are simply not mentioned in recent media reports. It never happened. “Opposition rebels” committed to democracy have been crushed by the Russians, according to “authoritative” media sources.
    October 22, 2013 U.S. “War On Terror” Has INCREASED Terrorism
    The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) Global Terrorism Database – part of a joint government-university program on terrorism – is hosted at the University of Maryland.

  3. Never forget this, and I will state this for the last time and I am not joking.
    This “Muslims” like that rotten Lebanese Mufti, and to the rest of the so called Islamic people I will say this.
    I know, that non of this creeps are real Muslims, infact few are as few are real Christians, to denies, or force others, so called infidels to do things or be cornered to dump their own self respect, or way of life, to fit the personal perceptions of what Islam is, is to me an full blown mother f…. bigot, and anyone, any Muslims that forces anyone else, isnt an Muslim at all.
    To the mother f….. whom claim they are faith full, I will give you one last warning, and listen carefully.
    Two things MoFo Muslims must never forget, and this is hammered down in to the Noble Quran, its crystal clear, and the Quran even begins with this.
    There is NO compulsion in religion, do you drooling idiots know what that means, Muslims.
    That means Islam is one way, Christianity is another way, both are equal according to Muhammad Him self, no deviations from that rule is allowed at all, anyone doing anything to an Christian/Hebrews, infact anyone living in our Lords planet/ummah, as an ex. is spitting ALLAH/GOD in his face, and will never be regarded as an true Muslim.
    Mercy and forgiving, to pillars of Islam, and if you dont get this MoFo Muslims YOU will Burn in hell, anyone whom cant handle other persons belief, is an rotten soul and is by their own ignorance sentencing them self to eternal damnation.
    In this 2 rules, witch is the fundamental of an man of good thinking and behaves as accordingly to the teachings of Islam, should never forget that Islam never states that its superior, that even in the Quran, and Allah HIM self stated this exsplisdly.
    Its in the Noble Quran.
    And you are under no circumstances allowed to kill, to kill anyone, whom isnt Muslim for that cause, is and will be thrown into hell for eternity, and to this Mufti. I know you are MoFo lier and a rotten false teacher, an hypocrite, and this f…. Mufti will if He is dumb anof to think this drooling nonsense about Others must where clouting is an false teaching and shows their own ignorance, and Burka, that alone is so far out its an capital sin.
    And from now on, you are my enemy, like the equally rotten Zooos.
    And I base this on one thing, witch I have tried to tell you rotten souls, Palestine, the people of our Yeshua, is dying and you did nothing, this is true also to the Jooos.
    The true test of Humanity is failing, and I have said it for decades, our humanity’s future depends on the treatment of the Palestinian people, and you did nothing, this is even worse for the so called Christians.
    You failed, and that I know ALLAH/GOD will NEVER forgive you, nor forget.
    I will from now on fight your mother f….. to the day I die.
    Until or if you scums repent, and changes your path, you will burn.
    I could tell you more but will not, you dont deserve it at all, and I will not once again defend the Muslims,that is your problem from now on, and you have been warned.
    wake up mother f…. or die forever,
    The choice is yours.
    The war is coming, and I will hunt you down, along with my own people.
    I swear, beside my fathers Grave, that I will not rest until the last one is hanged.
    You think this sound tough, but I am kind anof to give you MoFo, the last and final warning.
    Our Lord is crying, because of this betrayal of everything of worth and justice.
    I am concerned for the day, He gets angry, then Humans, its to late, and Judgment comes.
    There is NOTHING more damning that Hypocrisy, an nothing pisses Him more that hypocrites.
    An infidel stand where you stand, and dont think for an second you are better of because you are an Muslim, that is an fundamental lie.
    BUT, He is benevolent, and merciful, to those that have them selfs shown mercy, they shall receive it, to the rest, well, you will simply die, in both worlds, this and the after.
    My mission is over, I will not do this again.
    I have explained what you have to do before, and I hate to repeat my self.
    “It is He Who sent down to thee, in truth, the Book (Quran), confirming
    what went before it; and He sent down the Law (of Moses) and the Gospel
    (of Jesus) before this, as a guide to mankind, and He sent down the
    criterion (Quran) (of judgment between right and wrong). – Holy Quran

    • uh, Jew maybe? You know, the Talmudic kind…after all, if Sarah Silverman would crucify Jesus again…and didn’t Rothschild fund the beginning of the Muslim Brotherhood (just as Israel founded and funded its Palestinian arm, Hamas?)


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