The “Rap” industry and big pharma. This is how you attack a culture and profit from it.

by RoganReview

Not sure why this isn’t mentioned more here but I just wanted to see what you all think. When I was growing up there was never this kind of prescription pill abuse in music and it seems pretty blatant these days.

These big pharma guys are smart and have a ton of money.

Seems like it would be pretty easy to mix the conspiracy of the “90s Rap Scene”- you know “fuck everyone and everything” message that was pushed so hard, with the profiteering of socially engineering what drugs are more desirable. Diamonds around the neck as a chain symbolizing the enslavement of the wearer to the material world – so much so that he wears only stones harvested from the Earth by people who look like him thousands of miles away.

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The scene drips in irony – twisting man to make an idol of himself and to attempt to rise above his fellow people in boasting an idea that the material objects he posses now give him a higher human worth than anyone below him.

These borderline retarded mumble rappers like Future and whoever else are the peddlers. They probably look at it like simple drug dealing when in fact what they are doing is using the roots of their culture and the inspiration they can provide to people not to help but to rise to the top of the hill and look down upon the commoners.

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I guess what I want you to ask is why am I seeing this? Why is this popular now and why is it being pushed so fucking hard on young kids?

If you think this is simply an accident then you don’t understand how marketing works.


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