MSM climate change dogma.

by quipalco

Why are people so trusting of the U.N.? It is Rockefeller’s baby after all. Their main goal is global governance. I think they are using this manufactured global problem as a means for more power, both regulatory and enforcement wise. What’s the long goal here? Carbon tax fixes nothing. They are another way for the elite to cash in on the poor. Maybe convince everyone a world government is a good thing, getting everyone on a Chinese type social scoring system, and regulating resources/production, just to fix climate change? /s.

This is conjecture about world government, but it kinda makes sense no? Not just trying to scare people but look how hard the U.N. is pushing this. Sooo many people believe the UNIPCC’s lie that “97% of climate scientists agree (who happen to get research grants, funding or jobs as long as their research agrees)”. What about John Coleman? A meteorologist who founded the Weather Channel. Just a crazy old big oil shill right? Lots of scientists have spoken out and been sidelined or silenced.

I wanna talk about some of the things that make me personally question CO2 related man made climate change.

This chart shows the temperature and atmospheric CO2 from the last 420,000 years from the Vostok Station ice cores. It shows clearly that CO2 has historically been a function of temp. This mean CO2 usually rises and falls WITH the temperature, not the other way around. This is because CO2 goes into solution in the oceans at lower temps, and dissolves into the atmosphere at higher temps.

This means that temperature helps determine CO2 levels, at least historically. There is NO evidence CO2 forces temperatures in 420,000 years of temp/CO2 data.

This is the Greenland ice core data. It shows the temperature is actually trending downward slightly over the last 10k years. It also shows several of the warming bubbles before the current one and a little historical perspective.

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This is the satellite temperature data from UAH for the last 40 years almost. This is one of the main data sets used by climatologists. The two big spikes are el Nino years 18 years apart, 98 and 16. Coincidentally the sun cycle is 18 years long. What interests me in this graph is the near pause in warming from 1998 to 2015. Atmospheric CO2 was at all time highs each of these years yet warming basically stopped?

This shows the raw data and the NOAA adjusted “homogenized” data. Notice they make it cooler in the past and warmer now? Why adjust the data? To add dramatic effect to the less pronounced warming? See how it cooled from 1940 through the 70s? Were they magically lowering CO2? No.

This and other data and some skeptical common sense make me question the MSM CO2 related man made climate change story. Others have came to the same conclusions. I encourage you to dig for yourself. Have a look at the warming and sea level models from 15-20 years ago versus the actual temps and sea level rise.

Is the planet warming? Yes, it has been warming since at least 1980. But it was cooling from 1940 til then with no reduction in atmospheric CO2. Is this the warmest it’s ever been? No, not even close. Not even the warmest in the last 2,000 years.

Are humans raising atmospheric CO2? Definitely. We have went from 1billion people to 7billion in 200 years. Just the sheer volume of all of us and our animals breathing and farting is contributing. Deforestation, agriculture, and urbanisation are all leading to higher CO2 levels as well as transportation, power production and the manufacture of consumer goods. We are not innocent. Fossil fuel companies wouldn’t make any money if we didn’t buy their products. On a side note, burning fossil fuels also puts particulate into the air. This can actually lead to cooling since it helps block out the sun. Also you can be against pollution and pro renewable energy and still not believe their lies. That’s how I roll.

One of my main gripes with alarmists is the fear mongering. They act like the world is gonna end with 1.5 degrees of warming. The UNIPCC’s own reports predict 10-15% loss in GDP and 5-10% population displacement, but we hear doom and gloom and the end of civilization from the MSM and alarmists.

At the end of the Younger Dryas 12,000 years ago, mankind experienced 5 to 10 degrees of warming in about a decade. Sea level rose hundreds of feet in two main pulses. We didn’t die out, and in fact even thrived after the warming. We have survived at least one ice age as a species. Is adaptation impossible these days? Why the trying to scare the shit out of everybody? Including kids. I keep seeing MSM articles and vids with kids dropping guilt trips now. It’s easier to get people to do what you want when they fear for their own or their kids’ lives.

Please please please just dig for yourself. I know a lot of shills and even fellow conspiracy theorists will not like this post, but if I only convince one person to look for themselves that’s a small victory. Have a good one.


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