The real “collusion” is with Israel and Saudi Arabia, not Russia!

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We are over a year into this “Russian Collusion” investigation and what have we found? Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and Israel are getting everything they want from the US government and no one seems to care. Isn’t that the real collusion? This link points that out and highlights the specific facts of the matter.


Over a year into the Special Counsel investigation into Russian collusion, I think it is as good of a time as any to discuss the topic of foreign infiltration of our democracy. I must admit that I am still highly skeptical of the notion that the Trump campaign was essentially working for the Russian ruling class—especially considering the fact that the “blame Russia” line was devised within 24 hours of Hillary’s election loss. I also happen to think the entire story is one big distraction.

The concern over the influence of foreign powers in the goings-on of this country is a valid one. However, putting the focus on Russia is a huge smokescreen. The real stuff is far more blatant than Nixon groupie Roger Stone direct messaging someone called “Guccifer” on Twitter.

If we are truly worried about our government being swayed by and catering to foreign nations at our expense, we must turn our heads towards the Middle East and two countries that happen to be our “allies:” Saudi Arabia and Israel. Let’s start by taking a look at Saudi Arabia.

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia funneled $270,000 to Donald Trump through a stay at one of his hotels—that’s one expensive vacation! Shortly thereafter, Trump signed the biggest arms deal in history ($110 billion) to guess who? Saudi Arabia. Have you ever seen corruption so blatant?

We signed away $110 billion in deadly weapons despite our own citizens dying on the streets due to a lack of healthcare. Not to mention the fact that, in the process, we armed a country that still executes people for “sorcery” and is currently carrying out a genocidein Yemen. It would not be unfair to call them the ideological equivalents to ISIS.

Now, onto Israel. Their US— based advocacy group, AIPAC, is without a doubt, the strongest lobbying group in the country. For example, their 2016 conference had as speakers the top Democratic presidential candidate (Hillary Clinton), the top 3 Republican presidential candidates (Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich, respectively) and the sitting Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. What other lobbying organization in this country has such bipartisan clout?

Unsurprisingly, Israel has a steady and unwavering flow of US tax dollars that they use to bolster their military. A military, I might add, that holds the high honor of having more condemnations by the UN Human Rights Council than every other country COMBINED. Israel receives more foreign aid from us than any other country. Meanwhile, the current administration has made drastic cuts in food aid to our nation’s disabled elderly.

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And despite what the talking heads might say, Israel is of no vital importance to the United States. The relationship is exactly reversed. In fact, I would argue that our support of Israel, with their rogue foreign policy and brutal oppression of the native Palestinians, creates a resentment towards us, especially in the Muslim world. This could end up endangering U.S. citizens as our country becomes a target of more terror attacks.

Our support of Israel is an investment that yields no return. And it is an investment that is going to get a lot of civilized people killed.

Israel has such a stranglehold on the inner workings of our nation that their lobby has been making gains in criminalizing criticism of Israel in schools. They want to turn the next generation of Americans into obedient lemmings and the powers that be are simply allowing that to happen. Where is the outrage?

In short: Is foreign infiltration something we should be worried about? Absolutely. The hijacking of our government for the benefit of other nations is serious stuff.

However—should Russia be our primary concern? Not by a long shot. The real problem doesn’t require Bob Mueller and his Special Council to expose it. The real problem is hidden in plain sight.


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