The REAL DOOM: Inflation in The Netherlands now at 5.6%

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Gas prizes have been THROUGH THE ROOF the last couple of weeks.

We’re heading towards the 3rd world. This is the end of society as we know it.

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The inflation rate in the Netherlands was in a november increase of 5.6 per cent. This appears from the preliminary data of the Central Bureau of Statistics, the rise in prices. This figure is in accordance with the European inflatienormen, which is a bit different than in the Netherlands, which CBS used. On the 7th of december, the statistics netherlands, the Dutch figure.

In the whole of the euro area, the rate of inflation, according to preliminary figures, a further 4.9 per cent on an annual basis, report to the European statistics agency , Eurostat. It is the highest inflation rate since Eurostat, in 1997, began to calculate it.

In October, the inflation rate was still 4.1 percent. The highest inflation rate in Lithuania to 9.3 per cent. Belgium reported at 7.1 per cent, Germany at 6.0 percent, and Portugal, with 2.7 percent of the time.

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