The Real Estate Bubble [Video]

By Economy and Markets TV

Over the past month or so, Harry has been relentlessly giving you coverage on the current state of real estate.

He’s looked at the demographic trends that go hand in hand with the current bubble, determining that, without a reset, the economy will weaken over time.

He’s covered the “dream on hold,” the reasons for it, and the potential outcome of this occurrence in a two-part series.

And he’s highlighted the lighter bits of this bubble… like which cities are most desirable, and which out of those desirable cities are well worth your money.

It’s an important economic factor that will have a powerful impact in the years to come.

What it boils down to is that the artifice propping up our economy cannot last. It cannot sustain itself year after year.

And the cracks are becoming more visible.

However, economists in the U.S. choose to ignore them.

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Instead, they push onward, full steam ahead, without looking back, or to either side, or off into the distance…

Rents are increasing.

Mortgage rates are also on the rise.

People are spending almost their entire paychecks on a place to live.

It’s completely untenable.

That kind of lifestyle cannot, and should not, last.

Our real estate bubble is just a symptom of a larger problem that lingers just over the horizon.

Harry’s coverage of this shifting market will continue. He has much to say about what’s happening.

Click here, or the video below, to listen in.



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