The Real Obstruction of Justice We Heard From Comey

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by Robert Carbery

We heard quite a lot during Mr. Comey’s testimony to Congress on Thursday. But in what was yet another bombshell being downplayed by the mainstream media, we learned that President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked him to downplay the Hillary Clinton email investigation.
During the Obama administration, the AG’s office became extremely politicized under Eric Holder and then Lynch. Trump’s justice department needs to be much less partisan. As the Daily Caller pointed out, Comey said Lynch told Comey not to call the criminal investigation into the Democratic nominee’s use of a server while secretary of state. Instead, Lynch told Comey to call it a “matter,” to which Comey said Thursday, “confused” him. This pressure from Lynch led to Comey holding that confounding July press conference announcing his recommendation not to seek an indictment.
So Comey bowed to political pressure. He acknowledged that the conversation with Lynch gave him a “queasy feeling,” but he still went ahead and followed her marching orders as “that was not a hill I wanted to die on.” Probably didn’t want to be added to the Clinton body count either.
In Comey’s testimony Thursday he basically admitted to colluding with Obama’s justice department to ensure that justice was obstructed in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. We all know justice was not served. Comey essentially laid out the case for why she should be indicted during that July presser, only to finish by saying no prosecutor in their right mind would seek an indictment.
It pays to be the Clintons.

The complete politicization of the Justice Department under Obama has now been exposed as a fact if we take Comey at his word. Most of us already know this as well. Trump came nowhere near obstructing justice in his discussions with Comey over former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Loretta Lynch, and possibly more unnamed individuals, provided stern pressure against Comey while he was trying to head up an independent investigation into crooked Hillary.
What is curious to me is why Comey didn’t record this conversation with Lynch like he did after his conversations with Trump. Wouldn’t that seem to be an impactful and irregular conversation that should be recorded? Shouldn’t he be more horrified by an attorney general telling him to downplay a high profile investigation as opposed to what Trump might say after a one-on-one conversation with him?
Still, the mainstream media drumbeat goes on, ignoring the fact that the attorney general intervened in an investigation to make sure the proper statement was put out for political purposes.
Here’s a quick sampling of articles out this Friday linked from RealClearPolitics. Only Ed Rogers’ post in the Washington Post is truly positive for the president while Ben Domenech’s article bashes CNN for good reason.
Trump Committed No Crime. Democrats Need to Get Over It.

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Democrats need to get over it. Trump committed no crime and there is no collusion. Stop with the distractions AKA impeachment talk.
The real obstruction of justice came from AG Lynch last year when she made moves to ensure Comey said the right things in protecting their fragile and ultimately doomed presidential candidate. How loud the narrative would be played over the airwaves if we learned that an AG like Jeff Sessions pressured Comey into downplaying the investigation into President Trump. Politics is of course a dirty industry, but we cannot let these corrupt politicians remain above the law. They must be held accountable and not just sit in front of a TV screen and “accept full responsibility” and move on.
Justice must be served, not obstructed.

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14 thoughts on “The Real Obstruction of Justice We Heard From Comey

  1. “The investigation clearly concluded that Adolf Satan Trump did not collude with Russia! At a time when only colluding with Russia could have prevented us from going to war with them! Trump failed to collude with Russia! Impeach, torture and execute him!!!!!”
    — Hardcore Clinton supporters

    • Hello, and we’ve communicated a bit before 😉
      Try to map the data points with this guy over the last year,
      (and maybe separately over the last 20 years)
      For such a high insider they come out a bit spastic in the last year.
      Did he pull off another stunt, almost like a bad magician at a preschooler Birthday Party???
      He dropped the Loretta Lynch line with very little prompting. I say it was too easy and
      too clear. “Watch! While I Pull A Rabbit Out Of My Hat!!!”
      He openend up a criminal can of worms with malice of forethought.
      Who Supplied the Malice??? Who Supplied the Forethought???
      If you would look at Comey’s long-term record, you would guess that he is a stable team Player,
      but there are glaring exceptions to the rule. One cost Hillary the Election, and now this
      opens up the DOJ to scrutiny over Felonies. Out of Character for a Team Player.
      Gentlemen!!! Start Your Greyhounds!!! Thump, Thump, Thump, ‘Nother One’z Under The Bus!
      Get Out your Orville Redenbacher’s and prepare yourself for a well scripted – –
      Theatre of the Absurd!!!
      Maybe ’tis Best – – – Not!!! to keep your Gaze Fixed Upon The Magician’s Hand!!!

      • Hi, indeed…
        I also think he revealed some stuff too easily. I have a few possible explanations:
        (1) He’s genuinely scared of perjury charges and doing everything he can to save his own behind (even though he has already been caught in one lie – he said he was reacting to a Trump tweet a day before it happened)
        (2) The team has decided they’re in deep trouble and they need to sacrifice a pawn to keep the people thinking the “justice” system is working. Loretta Lynch is the chosen pawn to be sacrificed for the greater “good” of the Bush/Clinton mafia
        (3) He is being blackmailed – Trump hinted about recordings of conversations before (without saying definitely that they do exist), maybe the deal is “you drop anything you might have on me and you drop at least a hint of Hitlery corruption or those recordings will actually show up”
        (4) Now that he is no longer in office and therefore of no value to the Clintons, he’s scared of becoming the next entry on the Clinton Body Count, so he’s trying to get them out of the way to protect himself
        Could be any of those, or a combination, or something else I’m not even thinking about yet.
        I don’t think it’s (4), because he probably has way more dirt on the KKKlintons than what he has come forward with.

        • Hello Again,
          The modern world has been trained to calculate and rationalize everything on a
          very short time frame. If you go back to the days of Weishaupt and later Pike,
          there was a stroke of genius that was implemented that normal people can hardly
          envision. They moved the goalposts so far out into the fog of the future, that your
          own accomplishments became secondary, and regardless of short term set-backs
          you pushed onward, knowing that somewhere, somehow, someones will finally
          have the goal in reach. It would be as absurd as you or I planning an inheritance
          for our Great, Great, Great Grandchildren. But it Worked, and regardless of
          short term success or setback, they just kept slogging forward. Specific Families
          control Trillions, but we ooh and aahh over someone who controls Billions. We
          never see the faces of those who telephone and instruct those who we believe
          are the “Movers and Shakers” in our World. There isn’t anyone in this story
          that we are discussing that cannot be thrown out like an old wash rag.
          To me its amazing. People write Headlines that someone is “Destroyed!!” OR
          “The Elite Are Panicking!!” NOBODY IS Panicking!!!
          Maybe Hillary, Lorreta, or Comey, (Or Trump) have no Desire to Go Gently
          Under That “Big Bus”, but when someone higher up, and out of our vision
          makes up their mind that a Bus has Someone’s Name on It, it will be so.
          (Most likely said person will be thanked, and given a good Retirement Plan)
          Pre-destination is a basic belief in this group, but they stay pre-occupied
          attempting to accomplish what they consider “Pre-Destined” (?????????)
          And They Sleep Well At Night.
          And Whose Name is on The Next Bus???
          (When through actual Research I began to Understand, it almost knocked
          me flat.)

  2. Jame Comey is a TRAITOR. Comey had 127 FBI officers spend a YEAR searching through 33,000 emails ….. and now they did 650,000 in ONE WEEK!? The State Dept wanted FIVE YEARS to process 31,000 emails – .
    hillary testimony to FBI wasn’t recorded or under oath!!! Hillary took an oath when she swore in to take her job. So, she’s under oath 24-hours per day as a public servant.
    That is the most BASIC of procedures.
    Since that P.O.S. Comey did not FOLLOW PROCEDURE that …… was it an interview or a BRIBE NEGOTIATION?
    When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you – you know your nation is doomed. -Ayn Rand

  3. You KNOW Lynch was watching live ……. I wish to god we had a video of her face when he named her ……..

  4. >”didn’t want to end up on the Clinton Body Count either.”
    Brilliant and true yet nobody wanted to make that point until you just did. Great point!

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