The real reason for Bezos divorce.

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by rolexpreneur

Keep a close eye on Jeff Bezos in the near. I have a theory about his recent divorce. As many of you may know, the economy will be having a major correction soon. Stocks could easily go down 50% or more. Bezos, being close with the CIA and the richest man in the world, probably knows this. He knows that he will lose tens of billions of dollars. So what does he want to do? Sell as much Amazon stock as possible. Because his entire net worth is in Amazon stock. But imagine if Bezos suddenly started offloading billions in Amazon shares? The stock price would crash. The entire market could crash from something that big. He could also get charged with securities fraud if he sells because he knows something will go down soon.

So what is old Jeff to do?

Follow the lead of the only executive to get away scot free after Enron collapsed. When Enron was about to collapse, all the executives sold millions of dollars of their shares. They ended up getting charged for this fraud. Except for one man. He just so happened to divorce his wife for some random stripper. Right before the collapse. A judge ordered him to sell his shares and split the proceeds with his now ex wife. So he was able to get away will it all.

My theory is that Bezos know that the stock market will soon collapse. He wants to have a way to sell off his shares without getting in trouble or alerting the public that something is wrong. So he orchestrates some high profile affair and his wife leaving him. He makes sure there is a ton of drama to keep it in the news. Then during the divorce proceedings, he is “ordered” to sell his stock. So nobody thinks twice.

It turns out that the person who leaked the affair story to the press was none other than the brother of the mistress. He also just happened to come out an publicly say that Bezos and his wife are’t telling the truth about the divorce and that they have other reasons.

So keep an eye out on this. When he starts to offload his Amazon shares, you know the collapse is imminent.


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