The REAL Reason Why Stocks Haven’t Collapsed! SECRET They Don’t Want You To Know!

If you are not willing to accept you truth, you don’t have to watch this video. Only those willing to know what’s really going on are welcome. I appreciate all those who stay to watch this long and detailed video.

This video is intended for those who are willing to accept the truth about the stock market today. If you do not want the REAL reasons, please proceed to the nearest exit. Today we witness the largest monetary experiment that has ever occurred in the history of the world. Central banks have been printing money out of thin air and buying equities, bonds, ETF’s, and derivatives. Initially this was to rescue the financial system after the Crisis. Today their plans are much more sinister.


EDGAR Filing Documents for 0001582202-18-000003

Swiss National Bank – 13F Filing June 30, 2018 –

Swiss National Bank Top Holdings 13F Filings


2018-08-21-bull-market-fallback.png (890×628)

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