The Reason Why College Is A SCAM

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Is college is SCAM? Well it depends how you look at it. Statistically, more and more people are being ripped off. Some are very successful though. But today, right now, 2019, net worth/income is not directly correlated to having a college degree. What do you think? Is college worth it?


When we look at the education system, it seems to largely failed society. Overburdened with debt, those who have graduated are unable to find the jobs the desire. Those who get a job are probably not receiving the pay they expected. So the question is, is college one big scam?



Average student incurs $40,000 of student debt.

Average person doesn’t get the job they desire. Doesn’t pay what they want either.

Instead, understand what made you choose this field in the first place. The money? If it’s because you believe the pay is good or the benefits are substantial, let’s tear that down. If you’re extremely passionate about the field, then absolutely, pursue it. But if it’s the money, we are now in 2019 and that needs to be looked at differently.

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The education system is largely a failure. People don’t learn anything useful and don’t seem to get to where they want in life.

You must calculate your entire monthly expenses. If that is $2000 per month as an example, you must figure out a way to make that amount of money. Reverse engineer the way it works.

You can get a job. You can build a business. You can invest a very large sum of money into an investment that gives dividends. You can beg on the street. You can be born into money.

For most people, they get a job. They don’t like it. Their expenses rise as they get older. They keep working and they end up hating it but what can you do, that’s life.

My opinion is that we are now in the information age. We went from a time where information was very difficult to access. Today there’s so much information, we don’t have enough time to consume it.

Learn a skill through books, online courses, or any way you can in the quickest means possible.

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Translate that skill into income. Maybe you have photo editing skills. Perhaps you’re a great photographer. Maybe you created something and sell it online.

The point is that you stop thinking of a job to pay the bills and the next several decades. Reverse engineer this entire process. Have your bills being paid off by your skill (Hopefully a passive one), and then do what you enjoy. Maybe you want to paint but you know it won’t pay you really anything. Now you can. Maybe you really want to be a personal trainer at a gym. But it’s a minimum wage job. Now you can.


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Here’s how much the average student loan borrower owes when they graduate

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