The reason why there is a super-push toward a totalitarian state in the U.S. is because of the approaching collapse of the US Dollar (USD) which they need a way to control the massive population. Use Venezuela as an example.

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by mission_improbables

The true US debt is approximately 200-Trillion and not the spouted around 21-Trillion that is typically passed around on MSM. The US debt is pretty much impossible to pay unless the U.S. prints its own money and takes it out of the hands of the Fed.

Now with that being said in the geo-politics and economics avenues China and Russia are both now starting to conduct trade in their own currenices instead of using the U.S. dollar which both countries used.

As an example, if Russia wanted to buy oil from X country, they would transfer Y amount of their Russian Ruble into USD then they buy the oil needed in the USD. But now Russian as well as China will not be trading in the USD and Russia is buying Tons of Gold again.

The US collapse is coming, Concentration camps and all because of this collapse is coming. Building of private underground bunkers and groups amounting massive amounts of firearms etc., is because the collapse is coming.

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I’m no way a dooms day preacher, this is just economic fact. The USD can’t fall much more before some form of hyper-inflation starts to happen. Hence the USD is already in a state of inflation and has been for decades.

All the dichotomy that we witness on MSM, Social Media, etc., is just to keep the populace busy while the house of cards falls. Keep everyone arguing, keep everyone unprepared with lies.

You have been warned.


This will be a global pandemic,

If you believe you will ever hear any of this on MSM, you will not, it would create MASS-Panic. I agree, it would just be smart not to do that.

According to Rex-84 and related documents, people of influence will be rounded up some time before the collapse because of the potential for coordinated unrest.

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Russia is building even more underground bunkers across their country and retro-fitting older bunkers from the cold-war.


Russia and China are both conducting War games with over 300k troops. What are they preparing for?


RFID implants for humanoids, are in connection with this. Many have spouted this is unreasonable for use because you have to be close to the equipment etc., to be scannable.

But what if you’re in a closed system/building/camp? Makes sense now right? which coincidentally has been spouted in public plans by the global bodies.

Hence the reason for 5G technology as well to connect everything and everyone together and sub-sonic transfer speeds.


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