The Reason Why YouTube is Aggressively Promoting Phony Populists is They Know Real Popular Unrest is Coming

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by Chris Black

Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Russell Brand, Glenn Beck and the others want you to waste all your energy punching at red herrings like Bill Gates, the UN or “French existentialists.” This will have no effect because they are not the sovereign. These system backed “dissidents” are well aware of this.

Only a focused political struggle against Jewry can change our country and world. If you want to bring back free speech, you must defeat the ADL.

If you want to stop the cops and feds from harassing dissidents, you must focus on Merrick Garland. If you hate wokeness, you must inform the public that the Ivy League schools and mass media poisoning our people’s minds are pretty much all overseen by members of the Jewish community.

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If we waste the next opportunity to take our country back joining the latest tea party Bircher retard crusade, we deserve to lose everything.

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