The Red Ponzi Goes Berserk In January—New Debt Equals 5% Of GDP In One Month! 47% Of Chinese Home Mortgages Are On Unoccupied Units

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By David Stockman

Rabobank: China’s Borrowing Was Insane: In January It Borrowed 5% Of GDP In One Month

Yes, this is one month, and Lunar New Year means we need to see the February/March data too; but if the January pace is kept up China is already throwing the whole kitchen at the economy. It borrowed FIVE PERCENT OF GDP IN ONE MONTHThat’s 60% of GDP in a year. That’s a peak-WW2 level of borrowing. Does it suggest a real trade deal is coming? Or that China is backing away from its state-led model? Try to understand that. (And be very nervous on CNY.)

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Home Alone! 47% Of Chinese Home Mortgages Are On Unoccupied Units

At The Heart Of The Red Ponzi: Unhinged Real Estate Speculation


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