The Right to Vote………This is what the Democrats are looking to do now

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I heard they were looking to have felons vote….this put it in their words….and who they are willing to let vote.


According to a new Business Insider poll:

The vast majority of Americans — roughly 75% — do not support Sen. Bernie Sanders’ proposal to enfranchise all prisoners.
20% said those convicted of non-violent offenses should be allowed to vote.
Only 15% of respondents said all prisoners — regardless of their crimes — should keep their voting rights while behind bars.
30% said currently incarcerated people should lose their right to vote, but be re-enfranchised when they’re released.
24% said those convicted of violent felonies should permanently lose voting rights.
Approximately 10% of respondents said they “don’t know” how they feel about this issue.
Unsurprisingly, the poll found a stark divide in views on this issue along party lines. Nearly half (47%) of likely Democratic primary voters but only 21% of likely Republican primary voters support enfranchising prisoners in some capacity.



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