The RISE & FALL Of Ancient Civilizations & What We Can Learn From Them

Josh Sigurdson reports from Piazza San Marco on the rise and fall of ancient civilizations and the cyclical nature of humanity.
It seems as though humanity has a habit of building to the stars and slowly but surely becoming more primitive and more self obsessed, making major errors along the way and eventually becoming so dependent that they are wiped out due to their belief in immortality.
With incredible structures in humanity’s past and passed down secret knowledge constantly getting more and more watered down. From great cataclysms the have struck mankind on multiple occasions and the obsessive need to test physics with new “innovative” designs to counter the restrictions of the state and banking system. It is no doubt that humanity evolves in one way but devolves in another. The current structures we see rise up upon great skylines today are impressive but cannot last. Neither can man in an age of great dependency and servitude. This will be greatly detrimental once again and we will resort to the primitive cultures we came from, starting over again with eyes to the sky and ambitions of grandeur with more of a need to defeat others than to save ourselves.

This video is largely made up of ranting about the realities we face as human beings as we ponder the great monuments our ancestors built that stand today and how far we’ve come and how far we’ve gone.



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