The Rittenhouse trial is redpilling those previously unaware of how manipulative the media is.

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Based off of the facts in the case, the media is continuing to portray Kyle as a white supremacist who went out looking for trouble. They have intentionally left out the fact that almost every witness the prosecution has brought out has been caught either lying, or ended up testifying how Kyle’s life was in danger and the shootings were justified. They’re also leaving out how the prosecution was witness tampering and have basically impeached themselves and put the case at risk of prosecutorial misconduct.

The media is leaving out 99% of the facts in the case and sensationalizing the parts that will control the narrative.

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It’s prevalent in message boards and social media. Normal folk who never really felt the media was lying are actively starting to question why the media is so slanted against Kyle.

We have a long way to go with ending state run propaganda, but more and more people are waking up to the truth every single day with situations like this trial being so closely watched.


Instagram has banned hashtags of Kyle Rittenhouse’s name except in the case of calling him a murderer

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