The Rittenhouse Trial Should be Over Immediately

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by Chris Black

The Rittenhouse prosecution is going up in flames faster than a Kenosha business during a mostly peaceful protest.

The stenographer’s face is priceless…

Defense attorney: “Kyle didn’t fire until you advanced on him, dropped your hands, and pointed your gun at him, correct”

Gaige Grosskreutz (whomst Rittenhouse ‘disarmed’ in Kenosha): “That is correct.”

Kyle’s defense team in 10 minutes gets Grozzkreutz to admit:

– Illegally possessing firearm

– Illegally concealed carry on top of that

– called Kyle “a stupid stooge” earlier in the night

– chased Kyle

– affiliated with COMMIE REVOLUTIONARY GROUP and speaks at their meetings

– drew his gun when he was still 50-60 feet away from Kyle and before he started chasing

– pointed Glock with bullet in the chamber at Kyle before Kyle shot him

– never turned over his cell phone to cops

– never told police in either interview he had a weapon

– admitted Kyle was clearly being attacked and ‘head trauma’ by skateboard guy

– admitted if Kyle is convicted his $10 million lawsuit against city could proceed

– his idiot roommate who made Facebook post that ‘Grosskreutz regrets not killing Kyle’ showed up in court and immediately subpoenaed by defense so now that can be admitted as evidence

Here’s incriminating footage never shown by mainstream media:



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