The Russia Investigation Is Turning On Democrats. It appears everything the Democrats accuse Trump and the GOP of is what they’re doing.

Stressed out snake eats itself. 

1. Last week, there was this bombshell report about how the Obama Administration knew of a major Russian bribery plot aimed at gaining a stake in the U.S. atomic energy business and gaining favor with the Clinton’s, yet did little about it.

2. Now, NBC News is reporting that Tony Podesta, the brother of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, is being investigated by Robert Mueller for violations of foreign government lobbying rules as a result of work done for a pro-Russian group.
3. The Hill also has a new story out stating, “As Hillary Clinton was beginning her job as President Obama’s chief diplomat, federal agents observed as multiple arms of Vladimir Putin’s machine unleashed an influence campaign designed to win access to the new secretary of State, her husband Bill Clinton and members of their inner circle.”
4. Finally, top officials with the Democrat aligned & potentially Russian backed firm Fusion GPS are pleading the fifth and refusing to disclose who paid for the phony “dossier,” which was taken seriously by the intelligence community and helped spark the investigations.
TWO KEY FIGURES Associated With Anti-Trump Dossier Plead the 5th – Fusion GPS partners Peter Fritsch and Thomas Catan
This is huge! Fusion GPS partners Peter Fritsch and Thomas Catan met with the House Intelligence Committee in closed session; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Capitol Hill. Remember that this anti-Trump dossier is the foundation for the left’s effort to hurt Trump. Fusion GPS associates are in deep trouble with their refusal to talk. In case you need more info on the dossier, our previous report is below this video.

MAYORAL CANDIDATE In DIE-HARD DEMOCRAT City May Prove That 2016 Trump Win Was Just The Beginning of The End For Democrats – This die-hard Democra
The party of hate and division may be witnessing end days. Die-hard Democrats are witnessing a party they once believed to be tolerant and open-minded, shutting down free-speech across the country, and especially on college campuses.
They’re watching violent groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter organizing paid, and non-paid protesters to shut down anyone with a view that is in opposition to the those of the Democrat Party. During the election, they watched innocent people, including senior citizens, being bludgeoned and pummeled, as they attempted to return to their vehicles after leaving Trump rallies, only to discover that one of the primary men behind the organizing of violence against Trump supporters, is married to a Democrat US Congresswoman, and was a frequent visitor to the Barack Obama’s White House.
They’re watching Democrats fight for the rights of non-citizens to take jobs that unemployed Americans could fill. Democrats are watching God being erased from the Democrat platform, and from our schools, and they’re fed up with the party they used to feel they had something in common with. The Democrat Party has now become a fringe party that has worked so hard to segregate and divide Americans into different special interest groups, that their party no longer has any sense of commonality. The Democrats have divided themselves to death, and they have no one to blame but themselves…
This die-hard Democratic city is about to turn Republican

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It Was The Clinton Campaign All Along!!


4 thoughts on “The Russia Investigation Is Turning On Democrats. It appears everything the Democrats accuse Trump and the GOP of is what they’re doing.”

  1. Putin is smarter than colluding with Hitlery — so at least that part isn’t true even if you substitute her name for Trump’s.
    Putin isn’t perfect, but I don’t think he wants World War 3 (and I think he surely knows Hitlery wants it).

  2. MAGA will work for all the citizens, unless we get FOOLED AGAIN!!!
    a single political party for all the US CITIZENS until we regain control of the government of th USA then we can start fighting about EVERYTHING like an Irish wedding!!!


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