The Russia-Ukraine Situation is Part of the Great Reset Scheme

by Chris Black

When you hear someone making a statement like “Russia is fighting the Great Reset” or “Russia is defeating the globalists” this is a clear sign that the speaker doesn’t fully understand what the Great Reset actually is. If we want to be diplomatic we can straighten this out with a few simple questions:

If Russia is fighting the Great Reset by invading Ukraine how does this relate to the Cyber Polygon and Food Chain Reaction exercises? Once you understand that the Event 201 exercise didn’t predict a naturally occurring pandemic but rather an engineered crisis, why would you look at their plans for a massive cyber war and a multi-year famine any differently?

The Food Chain Reaction exercise (which was conducted in 2015) predicted a food crisis that  escalates in 2022 and doesn’t fully resolve until sometime after 2029.

Could someone please explain how Russia invading Ukraine prevents the globalists from engineering this multi-year famine? In fact if you were to try to engineer a world wide famine can you name a more efficient way of achieving it? Russia and Ukraine are the world’s largest grain producers, and Europe’s local food production is highly dependent on Russian fossil fuels and fertilizers. A war between these countries guarantees supply shocks, but in spite of this vulnerability we see western European countries provoking Russia with sanctions and weapons shipments, practically begging Putin to cut supply. Are we supposed to believe that western leaders (WEF stooges themselves) are really this stupid?

The same logic also applies when looking at Cyber Polygon. Cyber Polygon lays out a plan for how to respond to a “cyber-pandemic” that all of the participants (which included Russia) seem convinced is inevitable. This period of cyber warfare is supposed to take down the banking system and create the pretext for the roll out of Central Bank Digital Currencies.

How is Russia working against this by invading Ukraine? In fact if you were trying to engineer conditions for a large scale cyber war could you point to a more efficient way to achieve it than for Russia and Nato to engage in a tit-for-tat?

And how exactly would Russia’s victory in Ukraine (and potentially in western Europe) set back the plan to roll out Central Bank Digital Currencies? Keep in mind that Russia and China are inseparable allies. If Russia prevails in Europe, the Digital Yuan and Ruble replace the dollar. And if by some stretch of the imagination the U.S. are to win they have their own CBDCs waiting in the wings. Checkmate globalists!

And to circle back to the pandemic, are we really supposed to believe that Putin is not aware of the fact that COVID vaccines are deadly? If he is fighting the WEF agenda why hasn’t he called out the absurd risk to benefit ratio (especially for children)?

And why is Putin still personally shilling for vaccines and boosters? Putin didn’t push for vaccine passports at the federal level, but he said nothing when they were implemented by cities (like Moscow).

Claiming that Putin, one of Schwab’s Young Global Leaders, has gone rogue and is on track to stop the Great Reset is like saying that an actor in a play is going to defeat the script, or that a gameshow participant is going to bring down the host.

Makes no sense at all.

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The Great Reset is a template for a multi-year crisis designed to move human societies from an era of unbridled consumption and relative freedom to a much more highly controlled and meager existence.

It also involves a significant reduction in population.

This is the part that some people haven’t come to terms with yet. The ruling elites didn’t screw up when they pushed these vaccines on the public. We know from the Pfizer documents that they knew from the very beginning that these products would cause severe injury and death. And they aren’t being careless when they systematically destroy food and energy supplies. This is on purpose. This is genocide. No other explanation holds water.


Discussion: @OpenSourceTheNews

What we’re seeing on the world stage today is basically globalist mitosis.

We’re presented with two competing versions of globalism (East vs West or “BRICS” vs “NATO”) that have some minor differences (e.g. less LGBT in the East) but present a near-identical vision for humanity and how society should be structured (technocratic public-private partnerships, transhumanism, social credit systems, “sustainable development,” and so on).

Easterners like Dugin create propaganda for Right-Wing audiences in the West (aiming to get them on board with Eastern globalism) by appealing to stuff like stereotypical big brain philosophy, “traditionalism” (while shilling transgenderism and Marxist Anthropology a la Franz Boas), and “anti-globalism” (while calling for the global genocide of White people because “all Westerners are racist” (

Maybe the propaganda is convincing for some but just look at Eastern countries’ response to the COVID hoax: They were all fully on board and, in some cases, even more totalitarian than the West (e.g. China). Plus, Iran, Russia, China, etc. are on board with digital identity, climate bullshit, etc etc.

The modern East vs West conflict can, at best, be described as two factions of globalists squabbling over who gets to be top dog. But even that doesn’t take into account the fact that globalists have been intentionally collapsing the West for decades, while facilitating the rise of the East.

If the globalist endgame was really “Atlanticist supremacy” then why did they transform China into a world power, just as they did with the USSR? “Western” elites could easily have let both collapse under the weight of their retarded socialist policies.

I think the key to understanding modern politics is to recognize that nation-state governments have been completely overwhelmed and outmaneuvered by the amorphous globalist cabal, who seem to be everywhere at once. Even when they aren’t directly sitting in government positions themselves, they’re still meddling and “advising policy” behind the scenes at every level of governance, from local to federal/national and beyond.


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