The #Russiagate Hoax and the “Integrity Initiative” to Gaslight the public with more “Russia Threat” lies

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Let us first say that the “Integrity Initiative” has no Integrity and is not an Initiative.

It has no Integrity because it is selling pure lies & baseless propaganda in support of corrupt, lying, War Criminal, Treasonous governments & the “Deep State”.

It is not an initiative because government disinfo propaganda programs, using Mass Media sock puppet hacks have been running for at least the last 100 years.

See “Yellow Journalism” to start the 1898 Spanish-American War and the ongoing Operation Mockingbird set up by the CIA from the 1950’s to plant Fake News stories in Mass Media outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine and CBS.

The CIA’s program to plant Fake News and false propaganda is now all pervasive across EVERY significant Establishment / Corporate media outlet throughout the US and the West.

Non US countries are controlled by the CIA via the local intelligence agencies – so MI5 and MI6 in the UK, the BND in Germany etc. etc.

Openly US government funded propaganda outlets have been running since the start of the Cold War against the USSR circa 1950, see e.g. “RFE/RL” and “Voice of America”.

But the US & UK disinfo propaganda campaigns have gone into Hyperdrive since around early 2014, mainly because the US & UK governments have been telling more and more outrageous and ever more frequent lies and they are becoming ever more obvious (the lying has actually increased from the lies told in 2002/2003 to sell the disastrous Iraq invasion).

Some outlets have fairly recently been specifically set up with taxpayer funds to push some of the more egregious lies.
E.G. Extreme Neocon Michael D Weiss’s (editor of the Daily Beast) anti Russia “Interpreter mag”.

Or Bill Kristol’s US government funded “Securing Democracy” which pushes the “Hamilton 68” lies on non-existent “Russian Trolls”.
The alleged unnamed 600 “Russian Troll” twitter accounts are actually honest Americans (plus some Western Europeans) who oppose the Neocon Wars, government corruption, media lies and strongly opposed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

So basically they are all people who have managed to retain their sanity in these insane times, have an awareness of what’s actually going on in the world, an active twitter account and use trending US hashtags to increase their online presence and follower count.
And most importantly they are not corrupt or corrupted by “the system” we are all currently being subjected to on a daily basis.

There are many other US and UK government funded propaganda campaigns to push lies (too many to list), but a notable example is the al-Qaeda linked “White Helmets” in Syria which was started and funded by the UK government.

All of these government propaganda campaigns use pet reporters and editors in the Mass Media (and “celebrities”) as government sock puppets to amplify and propagate the desired government (or Deep State) message, in both their newspaper columns, TV shows and (usually large audience) social media accounts.

So EXACTLY what the US & UK governments are accusing Russia of doing, but without any evidence of Russian government malfeasance or influence campaigns.

Talk about PROJECTION!

N.B. There has been some trivial or negligible social media spending reported to have allegedly been made by Russia after frantic digging by Neoliberal CEOs, like the $4,700 worth of google ads in 2 years just reported by Google’s CEO, or the $100,000 of Facebook ads by a Russian commercial click-bait farm, compared to the $4bn plus spent on the 2016 US election campaign and 30 years worth of wall to wall 24/7, 365 days a year, of divisive US Cable TV and mass media propaganda.
If anyone really believes that this drop in the ocean, allegedly Russian government, ad spend has had any influence whatsoever on US public opinion or changed a single vote, they are truly deluded.
The Guardian and its editor Kath Viner together with several anti Russia disinfo hacks like Luke Harding and Carole Cadwalla are a particularly despicable example.
(See e.g. the recent completely ridiculous, evidence free, article on alleged Manafort/Assange meetings which even the rest of the Corporate mass media are refusing to go along with or repeat – most unusual!)

But as above, every major outlet has their own intelligence agency owned media propaganda hacks.
You can probably name me several, or even dozens, or if you’re really clued up even scores or hundreds!

Recent “Integrity Initiative” Revelations
The only difference between the Integrity Initiative disinfo campaign, and previous or other current government disinfo campaigns is that they kept insecure records of who was involved in the Disinfo Conspiracy and how much the Conspirators were being paid by the government!

These documents have now been hacked, and then published, from a government run covert operation lacking basic cyber security from “the most expensive basement in London” and a disused mill in the middle of nowhere in Scotland.
These people are incompetent, as well as Treasonous!

See also  Russia Fires Back at ICC & Germany

The documents contain a list of disinfo Conspirators in several countries – the people involved in running the disinfo operation, the UK Foreign Office officials acting as contacts, and the list of pet disinfo sock puppet media hacks.

As well as quite detailed records of payments and invoices.

We need to use this information for all that it is worth because it will open many more people’s eyes to the Orwellian levels of deception being conducted by the “Deep State”,  the UK, US and all Western governments.

Pretty much ALL of the UK’s “Usual Suspects” are involved in this latest nefarious disinfo plot by UK Neocon Warmongers – E.G. the notorious liar and War Criminal Ben Nimmo from DFR Lab and the Atlantic Council.

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

Orwell was right – just 30 years early.

The “Integrity Initiative” Revelations and the #Russiagate Hoax

The Russiagate Hoax mainly kicked off in July 2016, with the evidence free allegations made by the DNC & their anti Russia liars for hire Crowdstrike, that Russia “hacked” the DNC servers for the Wikileaks publications.
No credible evidence whatsoever of a hack has been produced, nor has there been any evidence that Wikileaks received the data from a foreign government source, let alone Russia.

Crowdstrike are owned and run by two main execs, one is an anti Russia “Senior Fellow” of the Neocon propaganda “Atlantic Council – Dmitri Alperovitch, and the other is a “Deep State” former senior member of the FBI, promoted to “Head of Cyber” by one Robert Mueller (yeah the same one) in the 2000’s – Shawn Henry.

Robert Mueller’s Massive Conflicts of Interest – a highly “interesting” read:-

Conspiracy Denialism by the corrupt Corporate Media 

So I came across this particular Delusional and Denialist tweet on the lack of importance of the latest exposure of organized Propaganda and Disinfo by a minor member of the corrupt Establishment Neocon media – from “The Guardian” no less!!!!

Which I replied to with the following tweets:

Yes it reminds me that John Brennan (Senate Torture Rpt Hacking) & James Clapper (NSA Mass Surveillance) are BOTH proven liars who committed Treason by arming ISIS, covering up 9/11 & pushing Iraq WMD lies. It also reminds me that gov sock puppets conveniently forget these facts

The same guy telling you that Russia “hacked the election” committed Perjury by lying under oath to Congress, by telling us the NSA wasn’t spying on Americans.
James Clapper

The same guy telling you that Russia “hacked the election” caused a Constitutional Crisis by hacking the computers of the Senate Staffers producing the Senate Torture Report, and then lied about it
John Brennan

Extract of above article :

The same guy telling you that Russia “hacked the election” lied by saying U.S. Drones hadn’t murdered any civilians in the Kill List “Targeted Assassination Program”, when John Brennan 100% knew his drones had murdered hundreds, including women and children.

Same guy telling you that Russia “hacked the election” was deemed unsuitable to be CIA Director in 2009, because of his support for Bush-era Torture & CIA Black Ops for Rendition for Torture to: CIA Black Sites, Foreign Torturers and Guantanamo Bay.
John Brennan

Same guy telling you that Russia “hacked the election” set up an illegal CIA Operation to spy on a US Political Rival for Partisan Gain. Op also set out to entrap members of rival campaign team. Colluded with Foreign Gov (UK) to subvert US Democracy
John Brennan

Same guy telling you that Russia “hacked the election” lied about nondescript U.S. satellite pics of trailers in the desert, claiming they were Iraqi “Mobile Biological Weapons Labs” with no supporting evidence of any such activity.
James Clapper

Same guy telling you Russia “hacked the election” was George Tenet’s Deputy CIA Director when 9/11 happened & helped cover up the circumstances surrounding that day. Mueller was appointed FBI Director to help in the cover up.

John Brennan

Same guy telling you Russia “hacked the election” helped invent & push the non-existent “Iraq WMD’s” to sell the disastrous Iraq invasion, as George Tenet’s Deputy CIA Director
John Brennan

Same guys telling you Russia “hacked the election” have produced precisely zero evidence of any Russian Hacking, 2.5 years after making their allegation. No NSA trace routes or any other hard data has been produced.

We 100% KNOW the Russians did NOT hack the DNC servers. How do we know? Because Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to allow James Comey’s FBI access to the servers to perform a forensics examination & Comey didn’t subpoena the servers for FBI analysis.

Same guys telling you Russia “hacked the election” have produced precisely zero evidence of any “Russian Hacking”, “Trump/Russia collusion” or any “Collusion between Wikileaks & Russians or Trump.” after 2.5 YEARS.
Allegations that have been made are pure Gaslighting

And finally a response to James Ball’s opening tweet in his twitter thread:

See also  China will officially join Iran to arm Russia, "if Kyiv does not accept the Chinese peace plan"

Ball said:
“James looked from bot to tweeter, and from tweeter to bot, and from bot to tweeter again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

So I said:

“Ian looked from gov sock puppet hack to lying gov official, & from lying gov official to gov sock puppet hack, and from sock puppet to gov liar again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”
No Rule of Law
Gov lies, media colludes with those lies

I put a thread header over the top after posting the above:

If you want to offer your opinion on Twitter to James Ball on his comments and attitude – feel free!

This recent exposure needs to be pushed HARD.
There is blanket censorship and total absence of reporting on it in the MSM as far as I am aware, apart from one Scottish newspaper.
There are unconfirmed rumors of a D-Notice being issued (an official UK government request to censor all coverage of the story in the media).

Even though there are questions being asked about it in the House of Commons by Chris Williamson MP and Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary:

Questions on the Integrity Initiative scandal asked in the House

It should be Front Page news in every paper and TV news show.
Can you imagine the wall to wall 24/7 blanket coverage this story would have got if it had been Russia who had been caught running a massive disinfo campaign?

The latest Daily Record article:-

Tory  minister ‘misled Parliament’ over Government-funded infowars attack on Jeremy Corbyn.
An MP has taken aim at Foreign Office minister Alan Duncan over the Institute of Statecraft and demanded a probe into a  Scottish-based black ops Twitter attack on Labour.

Keep pushing on the easily debunked other major government lies as well.
The total control of the media as demonstrated above, explains how the government (or Deep State) can get away with telling so many ridiculous and obvious lies, without being called out on them by the Mass Media.

Where are the Skripal’s

Nothing has been heard of from the Skripal’s or the Skripal False Flag poisoning case since the last set of total bunkum issued by the UK government and Bellingcrap / Elliot Higgins / DFR Lab.

Where are they?

Skripal Poisoning Update – The Alleged Russian Poisoners and the UK Government’s Lies

NOTHING stands up to scrutiny in the official UK government narrative on the Skripal poisonings.
The primary suspect remains Theresa May and MI5/MI6 (or the whole thing is a hoax).
Other suspects include the CIA or Hillary Clinton Associates (see article for full list).

What has happened to the full OPCW report from the alleged gas attack in Douma, Syria in April?

I haven’t seen anything.
The OPCW have already stated no traces of Sarin (or similar) nerve agents were found – directly contrary to the categorical (and 100% false) claims made by the US & UK governments in early April.
The draft OPCW findings also stated there were only nebulous traces of chlorinated chemicals found, which could easily have come from (and probably did) domestic or light industrial products such as detergents or water purification products.

The reason the OPCW are not issuing their full, final report is because it was a staged False Flag event carried out by the Jaish-al-Islam (Army of Islam) extremist Salafi Terrorists who controlled that area at the time of the alleged gas attack.

BOTH the US & UK governments KNEW it was a staged event by the terrorists, when they carried out their War Crime of bombing Syria with 100 cruise missiles on April 13, 2018.

The evidence for the Douma False Flag staged event and other recent False Flags are documented in here:

Ian56 (Ian Shilling) shows up BBC lies.
Ian56 Interview with BBC reporter Gabriel Gatehouse @ggatehouse for Newsnight



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