The Russiagate Hoax and Uranium One

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by Ian56

It was obvious the whole Russiagate thing was a complete Hoax a few days after Crowdstrike issued their ridiculous report in July 2016, which contained no evidence whatsoever of any hacking, except for some 4 year old Ukrainian malmare, freely available on the net, which anyone could have put on the DNC server (including Crowdstrike themselves as a False Flag / Red Herring).

Crowdstrike are known liars having lied about the attribution of the Sony hack in 2014 (which was actually done by pissed off former Sony employees) and the non-existent hack of Ukrainian artillery in 2015 which never even happened.
The clincher was that James Comey’s FBI refused to demand access to the servers the DNC claim were hacked.
The FBI have subpoena’d access to the relevant computers / servers, whenever the owners have refused access, in every similar previous case when servers were suspected to be hacked by a hostile foreign power.
Why didn’t Comey’s FBI do this, this time, if they thought there was any chance whatsoever that the DNC servers had been hacked by Russia?
Why wouldn’t the DNC themselves be demanding the FBI do a forensic analysis of their servers if the DNC actually thought they’d been hacked (and it wasn’t an inside leak that all of the evidence points to)?

Why did the DNC hire the two bit hustlers at Crowdstrike who have known massive conflicts of interests instead of at least twenty other credible cyber security firms from the DC / NY areas that would have done a credible report on whatever happened to the DNC servers?

Crowdstrike’s owners and founders are Dimitri Alperovitch who is a “Senior Fellow” at the War Criminal Atlantic Council which is funded by the Arms Industry, NATO, the US Military, Wahhabi Gulf Despots from Saudi Arabia and UAE, and a Ukrainian Oligarch and $10m Clinton Foundation donor Viktor Pinchuk (who hosted the September 2013 conflab in Yalta, Crimea to discuss how Ukraine’s assets would be carved up after the forthcoming Coup – both the Clintons and Tony Blair attended).

The Atlantic Council supported al-Qaeda terrorists from 2011 for Regime Change in Libya and Syria and have been pushing to escalate the conflict with Russia for years.

The other owner and senior manager of Crowdstrike is a former senior FBI guy Shawn Henry, who was promoted by one Robert Mueller to be the FBI’s Head of Cyber Security during the 2000’s. So no conflict of interest there then (sic)!
Why didn’t the Neoliberal media report all these obvious massive Conflicts of Interest?
I think we all know the answer to that one.

Absolutely nobody from anywhere has produced any credible evidence whatsoever of any “Russian meddling” or “Trump/Russia collusion”.
Not the CIA, not the FBI, not the NSA, not the DoJ, not Mueller, not the entire Neoliberal Corporate media, not the Clinton campaign, nor anyone else.
The whole Russiagate thing is so obviously a completely hoax you have to be severely brain damaged and brainwashed to still believe it.

The Clinton campaign knew that Hillary’s own Russian Collusion in 2010/2011 by approving the sale of 20% of America’s Uranium Reserves from Clinton donating Canadian Oligarchs led by Frank Giustra, who owned Uranium One, to Russia’s State owned nuclear energy company Rosatom was a real problem for her campaign, so they set out from at least April 2015 to smear whatever political opponents she was up against as “weak on Russia” or “Kremlin Trolls”.
The Canadian Oligarch owners of Uranium One had previously paid the Clintons $145m in bribes. Bill Clinton got another $500,000 bribe by making a speech in Moscow shortly after the deal went through.
The sale of Uranium One and with it a large slice of America’s Uranium Reserves to a Russian State owned company was obviously a National Security issue and should NEVER have been approved.
Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2016 because she was the worst ever candidate in history and despite the Corporatist Neoliberal and Neocon media blitz lying their collective asses for her, enough people woke up to how much much of a corrupt treasonous scumbag she was. The reasons Clinton lost (and the reasons for the whole Russiagate Hoax) are included in the following article:

Debunking the lies about the Mueller “investigation” and the “Russian Influence” Campaign still being spread by Neoliberal Mass Media

The Neocon Coup in Kiev in 2014, the carve up at Yalta in September 2013 and Ukrainian Oligarch Viktor Pinchuk, $10m donor to the Clinton Foundation:
So a $10m Clinton Foundation donor gets his Neocon propaganda piece published on Fox. How does that work? #Propaganda

Beyond Imagination: Uranium One. How Canadian Oligarchs sold 20% of America’s Uranium Reserves to Russia by bribing the Clintons with over $100m

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal


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