The Russian Collusion Paradox

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by SomeoneLikeYouToo

First of all, we know for a fact, without a doubt that Hillary Clinton colluded with Russian agents and other foreign spies in order to obtain allegedly damaging information against her political opponent in the 2016 election. This part is not up for debate. Hillary Clinton colluded with Russian agents and paid them for whatever wild stories they could come up with. Proof: read the first few pages of the Steele Dossier (AKA the Piss Dossier, AKA the Garbage Document) and look at who the sources are:

Source A is “a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure”.

Source B is “a former top level Russian intelligence officer still active in the Kremlin“.

Source C is “a senior Russian financial officer”.

Source D is the only one who may not be Russian, noted in the dossier as an “associate of Trump”.

Sources E and F are Russian hotel staff.

Source G is “a senior Kremlin official“.

That makes 6 Russian sources, including at least 3 Russian government agents (and at least 2 of the Russian agents are still active), and possibly 1 non-Russian source.

The Steele Dossier, put together using stories from the Russian agents and the “associate” above, was 100% paid for by Hillary Clinton and Democrat groups.

So far, this is all fact-based. There is no conspiracy theory above – no links to random blogs or opinion pieces. Hillary Clinton colluded with Russian agents. That’s a fact you cannot escape from, no matter how hard you try.

Now, on to Trump:

We do not know if Trump colluded with Russians. It’s possible that he did, but very unlikely at this point. With every passing day it becomes less likely that Trump colluded with Russians. There were multiple spy agencies, both foreign and domestic, surveilling Trump’s campaign during the time in which he was supposed to have colluded with Russians, and after. There are thousands of completely humiliated and intellectually wounded journalists, pollsters, commentators, and think-tank do-nothings around the world furiously digging for gold in this story, and without fail they return from the depths with nothing but a handful of dirt that quickly disintegrates. There is a special counsel investigation with extraordinary powers to investigate, which it has been doing for over a year now, and so far it has provided nothing in the way of evidence of Russian collusion.

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So, like I said, it’s very unlikely that Trump colluded with Russians, just based on probabilities. At this point, you would have to believe that this “Orange Retard” is so smart that he managed to hide all evidence from multiple elite spy agencies, every journalist on the planet, and so on. And if that’s the case, and he really is that smart, doesn’t that just crush one of your main talking points, that he’s stupid? That’s just one small mental hurdle for you to navigate before we get to the main event. More cognitive dissonance to come.

Now, the paradox:

If you didn’t want Trump to win because you think he colluded with Russians, then your only other choice was Clinton who you knowcolluded with Russians.

Those were your only two choices in the end. How do you solve this?

Do you continue to allow your hatred to flood your brain, completely drowning all logic and intellectual honesty? Or do you come to the realization that you could have been wrong about everything, and that you have been sold a lie by traitorous government agents and a complicit media?

Common attempts at solving the paradox:

“I hate both of them and I didn’t want either to win!” – Good for you, but that’s not a reasonable answer and it’s not helpful. There was a roughly 0% chance that someone other than Clinton or Trump would win the presidency after the primaries were over. Again: these were your only two realistic choices.

“But Trump really did collude with Russians! Just wait and you’ll see! It’s gonna be Mueller Time any minute now!” – You’re free to imagine whatever you like, and this certainly is a popular mainstream conspiracy theory that the corporate media has sold to you, but there is no evidence to support this claim. You are relying on your ability to predict the future, and even if your prediction on Trump-Russia came true, you’re still left with the conclusion that both presidential candidates colluded with Russians. And if they both colluded, then it was a fair fight that Trump won.

See also  WATCH: Russian President Putin calls out the US government for politically persecuting the Jan. 6 mob and provocatively implies the US government

We’ll see if any more answers come out in the comments but most of the time when I post stuff like this, people just downvote and run because they can’t handle the fact that for all of this time, they have taken the side of traitors in the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies against the duly elected president. I understand how that must make you feel. It must be terrible to slowly realize that you, a part of this conspiracy sub, are now allied with corrupt government agents who vowed in secret to “stop” the election of Donald Trump. You have become what you always hated, and you’re endorsing secret actions by unelected government agents simply because you cannot control your hatred for Trump. You’re on the side of the “G-Men” now. You bring us closer to living in a police state by refusing to speak out against their bias and corruption, and instead blaming the victim. That should come as quite a shock to all of the haters here, but unfortunately I don’t have much hope that they can even imagine for a second that they have been fooled by the very same elite groups they were once skeptical of. The Cult of Resistance will live on in spite of the facts.

And I will make a prediction to end this: watch the comments for people who completely dismiss this post without pointing to any factual errors. They will act as if it’s beneath them to provide facts and evidence to back up their claims, as I have done. They will bring up members of the Trump campaign who have been charged with crimes they allegedly committed 10-15 years ago and pretend that this is evidence of something bigger and more recent. They will bring up a bunch of Russian trolls who were indicted for putting political ads on Facebook (ads that were both pro- and anti-Trump), and of course they will not provide any connection between these Russians and the Trump campaign, as I have done to connect Russian agents with the Hillary campaign. They will do everything they can to avoid the core message of this post: Hillary Clinton colluded with Russian agents.


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