The Safety Pin of the Financial System Has Been Removed! Financial Crisis Part 2 Is Coming!

Here we go again…

There are certain restrictions in place to prevent banks from forming monopolies. There are restrictions to make sure you keep your money safe. But in times when greed overtakes people and corporations, times get tough very quickly. Today we are witnessing another huge mistake that will act as a catalyst to the Financial Crisis Part 2.


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Volcker Rule Rewrite Is Said to Drop Trading Burden on Banks – Bloomberg Quint

Senate Passes Bill Loosening Banking Rules, but Hurdles Remain in the House – The New York Times

Competition has banks easing up on commercial lending | Construction Dive

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Wage-Growth-Annual-Bottom-80-051418.png (987×542)


Look at What’s Going to Happen to Sweden’s Fabled Welfare State – Article – BNN

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Amazon Fumes After Seattle Passes Tax to Help Homeless | Fortune

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